The Metering Guide for Managers.

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Provides a guide to management of utilities metering in educational facilities, especially colleges and universities. Chapter 1 gives an overview of why utility measurement, specifically the metering of energy consumption, is important in facilities management. Chapter 2 defines the basic units of measurement for both electric and nonelectric energy, defines the common multipliers that describe the magnitude of a measurement, and discusses basic utility rate structures and their impact on energy costs. Chapter 3 considers the fundamental elements and components of utility metering how alternative current is measured,common types of analog metering, present-day digital technology, and performance metering. Chapter 4 describes metering products that are currently available, such as nonintrusive appliance-load monitoring systems, electric metering networks, and main electric meters. Chapter 5 discusses management aspects of the role of metering in a deregulated environment, including strategies to reduce electric energy costs, energy management plans, and meter specifications and installation.
Qayoumi, Mohammed H.
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Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers, 1643 Prince St.,Alexandria, VA 22314-2818
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