No Room for Johnny: a New Approach to the School Facilities Crisis.

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A study was conducted to discover ways to improve California school district facilities improvement processes so that the state can accommodate the increasing numbers of students projected by the year 2000. This report presents findings and recommendations that address the following three primary problem areas the state confronts: funding; process; and policy requirements. The first issue addressed is that California cannot afford to be an endless source for school facilities spending and that its primary interest in school facilities is to ensure equity for students. The second issue is that California is micro-managing school construction projects, thus delaying the completion of and driving up the cost of school facilities. The third issue is that California state policies and requirements are either blocking or not promoting long-range planning and creative asset management practices for school districts. It stresses that each area hampers districts at a time when they need to move quickly and decisively to meet the needs of students. A new funding dynamic is recommended that places California in partnership with districts not able to meet their needs, but still allows them autonomy over their own schools.
Shapell, Nathan, et al
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