Ohio's Education Matters: 2001-2002 Poll.

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This survey of Ohio adults was intended to gauge attitudes on a range of educational issues. Key findings included: (1) public schools get a grade of C+; (2) Ohioans underestimate the extent of the challenge facing urban school districts; (3) they favor testing in math and reading every year in grades 3-8; (4) Ohioans believe in more school-community cooperation; (5) they overestimate the cost of a public college or university by about $6,000 per year; (6) respondents recognize the importance of literacy in early childhood; (7) more than half think school funding has stayed the same or decreased, although it has increased; and (8) only about half knew the state supreme court was deciding a case that could find Ohio's system of school funding to be unconstitutional. Detailed findings are presented in the areas of the state of schools, schools as centers of community, college access and higher education, early childhood education, funding education in Ohio, and DeRolph versus the State of Ohio.
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