PCBs in Schools and Corporate Responsibility for Remediation: Yorktown Central School District v. Monsanto Company.

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Asserts that just as concerns about lead and asbestos were raised decades ago, regulators must now act to curtail the dangers associated with PCBs in school building materials and develop a broad plan to remediate contaminated school buildings. In recent litigation involving PCBs, the Yorktown Central School District in New York State sued the U.S. makers and distributors of PCBs in federal court, urging that the sole corporate manufacturer of these chemicals should bear the burden of required remediation in the School District. At the time of the suit, the Yorktown Central School District had recently completed remediation of PCB laden caulk in all of its school buildings following the discovery of high levels of PCBs in school building materials. On the heels of these PCB clean-up efforts by the Yorktown Central School District and the School District?s federal lawsuit , in April 2008 in New York City, additional serious concerns about PCBs in schools also surfaced. The article outlines a framework for federal legislation to comprehensively address the existence of PCBs in our nation?s schools. And finally, the article asserts that there exist legal, economic and policy reasons to hold the sole corporate manufacturer of PCBs in the United States liable for remediation and other costs associated with PCBs in our schools, rather than leaving the public to pay for the associated remediation. [author's abstract]
Watnick, VAlerie
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