Pictures are Necessary but Not Sufficient: Using a Range of Visual Methods to Engage Users about School Design.

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Describes a consultation that was undertaken in a British secondary school as part of a participatory design process centered on the rebuilding of the school. A range of visual methods, based on photographs and maps, was used to investigate the views of a diverse sample of school users, including students, teachers, technical and support staff and the wider community. This article documents the experience of using these tools, considering the success of different visually-based methods in engaging a broad cross section of the school community and revealing useful information. The study, therefore, contributes to knowledge about specific visual research methods, appreciation of the relationship between tools, and a general methodological understanding of visual methods' utility for developing understanding of the learning environment. 46 references are included.
Woolner, Pamela; Clark, Jill; Hall, Elaine; Tiplady, Lucy; Thomas, Ulrike; Wall, Kate
Learning Environments Research
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