A PKAL Roundtable: Facilities of the Future.

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Twenty-four academics and architects gathered in March 2003 in Cranbrook, Michigan, to explore the shape of spaces for science in 2012, incorporating the range of issues from how changes in the practice of science must be reflected in the undergraduate learning environment to how research on learning suggests adjacencies and configurations of laboratories, classrooms, offices and study spaces to how the institutional budget can sustain spaces of quality over the long-term. This webpage includes essays from architects on these topics: On Permeability - The Biology of Architecture, and What is the Lab of the Future. and materials drafted in preparation by working groups on information technologies, systems and sustainability, and 21st century science community. Follow up materials include: The Future of Higher Education: Technology and the College, Characteristics of the Ideal Spaces for Science, and The Ideal Facility for 21st Century Learning Communities.
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