Preliminary Study of Flooring in School in the U.S.: Airborne Particulate Exposures in Carpeted vs. Uncarpeted Classrooms.

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Reports on analysis of data from 16 schools (grades K-6 and a Junior High), spanning 5 southwestern states to examine classroom airborne particulate levels and the buildup of contaminants on flooring systems. Data were collected from 2 separate sites (one carpeted, one hard flooring) within each of the schools. Measurements included indoor/outdoor airborne particulate mass concentration, indoor/outdoor particulate counts, and CO2/T/RH to characterize ventilation in the classrooms. A comparative analysis of the limited data sets suggests that school carpeted floor covering may present an increased exposure risk to children from particulate matter harbored on the flooring material as compared to hard-surfaced flooring. The study emphasizes the need for fastidious maintenance of all types of floor coverings in schools. (Includes fifteen references.)
Shaughnessy, R. J.; Turk, B.; Evans, S.; Fowler, F.; Casteel, S.; Louie, S.
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