Preparing for Crisis in the Schools: A Manual for Building School Crisis Response Teams. Second Edition.

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This step-by-step guide is intended to aid counselors, school psychologists, teachers, and administrators in developing an action plan for responding to school crises. Psychologists experienced in crisis response present a framework for a proactive response to tragedy. An introductory chapter presents an overview. Chapter 2 offers a brief review of crisis theory. Chapter 3 contains a review of strategies for starting crisis-response plans. Chapter 4 reviews recommendations for securing a commitment to the planning. Chapter 5 discusses the roles of the members of a response team. Chapter 6 focuses on the procedures to follow during a crisis. Chapter 7 discusses medical and psychological triage. Chapter 8 suggests how to help a person in a crisis cope with trauma. Chapter 9 deals with media and the prevention of adversarial responses. Chapter 10 examines the advantages and disadvantages of types of security and the need for collaboration with local law enforcement. Chapter 11 surveys what is known about the prevention of violent events and the identification or assessment of potentially violent students. Chapter 12 focuses on the duties of medical liaison during and after the crisis. Chapter 13 provides examples of drills and readiness checks needed before a crisis and examples of questionnaires for debriefing or evaluation after a crisis. Many charts, tables, handouts, and questionnaires are provided.
Brock, Stephen E.; Sandoval, Jonathan; Lewis, Sharon
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