Preventive Maintenance for Higher Education Facilities: A Planning & Budgeting Tool for Facilities Professionals.

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This guide is designed to help higher education facilities managers, through the implementation of preventive maintenance (PM), to increase the life of facility systems and equipment, lower overall operating costs, and provide maximum responsiveness to the college/university community. Part One, Selling the Need, is designed to address the institutional facility manager's preventive maintenance challenges and to provide necessary information to determine an appropriate direction. The tools in Part Two--models of typical campus buildings--help to answer the question, What resources are required to implement a PM program if I could fully fund it? Then, assuming that the budget does not allow for full funding, as is sometimes the case, it addresses what the optimal way is to allocate PM resources to achieve a successful PM program. Part Three includes PM standards and checklists for equipment priority levels, maintenance requirements, and frequencies. (Appendices contain information on return-on-investment models, rating an institution's PM program, integrating computerized maintenance management systems, and organizational resources.)
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