Primer to Design Safe School Projects in Case of Terrorist Attacks.

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This primer provides guidance to protect students, faculty, staff, and their school buildings from terrorist attacks. It also provides guidance to the building science community of architects and engineers working for local institutions on school projects. This document is intended for use by schools who feel that they are at risk to terrorist attacks. It provides necessary guidance to those who desire to increase the performance of their school and related infrastructure. Not all schools are at risk of terrorist attacks. The decision-makers in each school district should use current and available threat information from the proper sources to make this determination. The use of experts to apply the methodologies contained in this document is encouraged. This primer references several sources for additional information, including publications completed by other government agencies. Chapters include: 1) Asset Value, Threat/Hazard, Vulnerability, and Risk; 2) Site and Layout Design Guidance; 3) Building Design Guidance and Safety Plans; 4) Explosive Blast; 5) Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Measures; and 6) Safe Rooms Within Schools.
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