Real-time Measurement of Dust Levels in a Carpeted and Non-carpeted School Gym Room.

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Reports on research where particle data were collected in two school gyms for fifteen weeks in Kennebunk, Maine. The floor coverings of the two gyms were vinyl composition tile (VCT) and vinyl cushioned tufted textile (VCTT), or high-grade commercial carpet, respectively. Intensive one-minute data was also collected during three experiments that evaluated the measured effect of typical sweeping, vacuuming, and burnishing of VCT. It was concluded that advances to contain breathable dust during burnishing activities are needed and that modern vacuum cleaning devices likely produce the least impact on indoor air quality. In the two rooms studied, dust levels were similar in the hard and soft-surface floors. (Includes three references.)
Turner, W.A.; Caulfield, S.C.; Ellis, T.; Lewia, R.
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