Rebuilding America's Schools.

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A videotape examines how two rural communities (Charlotte City, Virginia; E. Yuma County, Colorado) either built additional facilities or better prepared their students with today's necessary job skills by using innovative partnership approaches with local industry and the community. It briefly highlights the appalling physical condition of many of the nation's schools, emphasizing how poor rural communities and small towns have some of the biggest problems in maintaining and/or improving their local school buildings and level of educational quality. It then examines two such school district's responses to these problems, one through a partnership with business, being able to improve the education of its students and prepare them with the job skills needed in today's market; and the other, adopting a community- based solution, found the answer to developing a $3 million recreation and rehabilitation center. Accompanying the videotape is a facilitator's guide for conducting a workshop on ways to gain community/business support in upgrading and replacing their schools on an innovative grass-roots level.
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Organizations Concerned About Rural Education, 901 Monroe Street, Suite 1507, Arlington, VA 22201; Tel: 703-469-1443
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