(Re)Designing Learning Environments.

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This 20-page issue explores the opportunity for creating 21st century learning environments that not only focus on different kinds of educational architecture but also emphasize how time is used, teacher-student relationships, collaboration, the benefits of real-world projects, and community involvement. In Minnesota, high school juniors and seniors confer in office-like workstations and use local ponds and forests as their classroom in 3-hour class periods. In an attempt to eliminate anonymity, a large Wisconsin high school is broken down into friendlier, smaller units. Technology is ubiquitous at a California high school. Schools in New York City and Phoenix illustrate the power of involving the community and offering services. Featured schools and programs include the School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley, Minnesota; San Pasqual Elementary School in Escondido, California; Capitol Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona; James Madison Memorial High School in Madison, Wisconsin; and IS 218 in New York, New York.
Edutopia Newsletter [George Lucas Educational Foundation]
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