Redesigning Schools: Architecture and School Restructuring.

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School architecture should be redesigned to match the vision for overall school restructuring. After explaining the need for improving educational facilities, this document describes the role of environmental variables in motivating and assessing improved student performance. The relationships between the environment and social attitudes and between the environment and future demographic, safety, and health concerns are mentioned and restructuring is defined as both product and process. Next, the conventional design process, in which the architect is the primary designer, is compared with the collaborative design process that involves educators, administrators, and community members in the building design. The interactive environment,"learning community, and activity appropriate environment are described as constructs that need architectural expression. Three successful collaborative design projects are described: (1) The design of the Saturn School in St. Paul, Minnesota; (2) the physical redesigning of Hammond Public Schools in Indiana; and (3) the Saturn Project in Florida that led to the construction of 49 new schools. Last, questions regarding the process, design, implementation, and evaluation of school construction that fits restructuring visions are addressed.
Goldberg, Bruce, Ed.
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