Safe and Secure Schools Assessment.

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Presents the results of safety assessments of Idaho schools, conducted by online surveys, site visits, focus groups, community forums, and a crisis response drill. The data revealed that eighteen percent of district superintendents rate the general safety and security profile of their district as fully adequate. Of the remaining 82%, 49% rated their district mixed some schools fine and some need improvements, and 33% selected the response inadequate many or most schools need better security equipment and/or improvements to security procedures and training. In most cases, this sense of inadequate security is due to a broad range of issues, including: lack of resources and prioritization for safety and security, lack of security equipment and technology, school facility and layout issues, ineffective policies and procedures, and a lack of knowledge as to what to do or how to effectively prioritize limited resources. A positive finding uncovered was school personnel and communities are generally highly supportive of understanding and addressing security needs and making improvements.
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