School Building Design and Learning Performance, with a Focus on Schools in Developing Countries.

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Presents the results of a colloquium concerning how school buildings look, how they work, and how they are used by pupils and teachers in contexts where usually the priority is simply to be able to offer basic school training for youngsters. Strongly contrasting views are expressed, all backed by data and coherent arguments: 1) School buildings are of secondary importance. The headmaster, teachers and their relation to pupils are the essential factors of a successful school and learning programme. 2) Culturally and climatically well thought school buildings and schoolyards do greatly improve the possibilities for a successful school and learning programme. 3) Experiences involving the concerned actors (teachers, parents, pupils) in planning and construction of schools and schoolyards improve the possibilities for successful school and learning programmes. Includes reports from Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, and Gaza and the West Bank in the Palestinian territories.
Knapp, Eberhard; Noschis, Kaj; Pasalar, Celen
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