School Fees.

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This paper explains that California school districts are charged with significant and varying responsibilities in both the requirements they must follow to adopt the amounts of Statutory School Fees and/or Alternative School Fees, as well as accounting for and reporting detailed information regarding the Reportable Fees they actually collect. It provides guidance in fulfilling these requirements and suggests that although the individual processes can seem overwhelming, each process should be approached and undertaken separately, while keeping in mind the overall purpose of the combination of the processes and requirements. In addition, enlisting the assistance of consultants and legal counsel will assist in satisfying the applicable requirements, although school district staff should remain highly involved in each process. Similarly, coordinating with consultants to prepare the Fee Justification Studies, School Facilities Needs Assessments, and related updates may provide school districts with the opportunity to incur less consulting costs, while school district staff may primarily rely on internal efforts to complete the Annual Reporting and Five-Year Reporting requirements. In this manner, all school districts may strive to more easily comply with all applicable reporting requirements in an efficient, thorough, and timely manner.
Bowie, Alexander
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