School IPM 2015: A Strategic Plan for Integrated Pest Management in Schools in the United States.

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Calls for a 70 percent reduction in pest complaints and pesticide use in schools and presents actions and a timeline for a coordinated effort to engage professionals in all walks of school life, including parents, teachers, custodians, food service staff, school administrators, pest management professionals, extension staff, regulators and architects. Advice on getting communities to alter behaviors regarding pests and pesticides, an overview of pest management in U.S. schools, advice on preventing and avoiding pest-conducive conditions, pests, and pesticide Hazards, and extensive pest-specific information are included. Appendices offer lists of pest management options used at schools, school pest management-related legislation by state, organizations with roles in school IPIM, and state and regional IPM contacts. Also included in the appendices are a school IPM report card, glossary, biographies, a bibliography, a school IPM planning and evaluation tool, and IPM curriculum support tools.
Green, Thomas; Gouge, Dawn, editors
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