School Resource Officers: Steps to effective school-based law enforcement

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Many communities seek the help of law enforcement to promote school safety and protect schools from violence and disorder. School Resource Officer (SRO) programs that are implemented and sustained through an organized and comprehensive process can help prevent school-based violence, connect at-risk students to needed services, divert youth from juvenile court, and create safe, secure, and peaceful school environments. This brief covers: --What SROs are and their roles as educators, informal counselors, and law enforcers --The potential benefits and pitfalls of school-based law enforcement programs --The proactive, collaborative role SROs can play in schools --The value of a comprehensive agreement between the school and the law enforcement agency, and of written guidelines clarifying an SRO’s work --How to properly select and train SROs.
Benjamin Thomas, MS
Laura Towvim, MSPH
John Rosiak, MA
Kellie Anderson, MPH
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National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention
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