A Study of the Relationship Among New School Buildings and Student Academic Performance and School Climate in Mississippi.

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This was a correlational study, conducted in 10 Mississippi schools, built since 1999. It was designed to add to the limited research related to building conditions, amenities, student grade point averages (GPAs), and school climate. The eight categories surveyed were: respect (how individuals treat each other and their sense of importance), trust (honesty, fairness, and good judgment), high morale (pride of school), opportunity for input (valued voice in school operation), continuous academics and social growth (aggressively seeking and linking new ideas to real life), cohesiveness (school spirit, unity, and respect), school renewal (school's promotion of innovation and creativity), and caring (kindness and concern for the school body). The overall group's mean differences were positive and statistically significant differences occurred among variables of old school buildings, new school buildings, and what should be, in all eight categories assessed by the survey. This study could benefit K-12 schools by helping leaders in education make decisions about building and managing new schools. [Author's abstract]
Wicks, George Milan
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