A Study of the Relationship Between School Building Conditions and Academic Achievement of Twelfth Grade Students in Kuwaiti Public High Schools.

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Explores the relationship between school building conditions and the academic achievement of twelfth students in selected public high schools in Kuwait. The population of the study was 56 high schools (28 boys' schools and 28 girls' schools). The major research questions in this study were: (a) Is there a relationship between overall, cosmetic, and structural conditions and student achievement? (b) Does the relationship between building condition and student achievement differ between boys' and the girls' schools? and (c) What aspects of physical building components are related to student achievement? The analysis revealed that a positive significant relationship exists between student achievement scores and building conditions in the boys' schools, but building conditions of the girls' schools did not explain student achievement. A significant positive relationship was found between the overall, structural, and cosmetic building condition and student achievement when all 56 school buildings were analyzed. Graffiti and roof leaks were the main predictors of physical aspects of a building's condition that accounted for student achievement.
Al-Enezi, Mutlaq
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