Successful Funding Strategies for Facility Renewal

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This discussion of college and university capital renewal and deferred maintenance (CRDM) explores issues facing campus managers, presents the successful facilities maintenance strategies of eight institutions, and gives an overview of the efforts of several Canadian institutions.An introductory chapter gives background information on CRDM in U.S. colleges and universities and identifies some common characteristics of successful programs. It is found that at institutions with staying power, facilities managers garner support from a variety of senior staff, including the president and trustees, raise awareness of the seriousness of the CRDM backlog, and create positive awareness of achievements through public relations. Subsequent chapters detail the strategic planning and implementation strategies of several universities, looking at such issues as institutional funding history, support from the institution's administration and from state officials, institutional autonomy, the planning process, strategies for eliminating the deferred maintenance backlog, and capital improvement plans. (Contains 56 references.)
Adams, Matthew C.
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APPA, Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers, 1643 Prince St., Alexandria, VA 22314-2818.
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