Data & Statistics

Data & Statistics

The School Construction Data section includes current, forecast, and historical data about U.S. school construction. The School Building Statistics section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about school facilities.

Annual Construction Reports

School Planning and Management and College Planning and Management magazines publish annual construction reports that provide national and regional cost data on school and university construction. Here are links to the latest online editions of each:

School Planning and Management 2014 School Construction Report
College Planning and Management 2015 College Construction Report

State and Federal Spending on PK-12 Public School Facilities

The 21st Century School Fund, with support from the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities, examines State and Federal funding for elementary and secondary public education facility construction and modernization.

State Capital Spending on PK-12 School Facilities
Federal Spending on PK-12 School Facilities

Fact Sheet on PK-12 Public School Facility Infrastructure

The 21st Century School Fund, and its Building Educational Success Together (BEST) partners, answers basic school facilities questions such as: How much PK-12 infrastructure is there? What condition are our public schools in? What difference does facility condition make? How much does our PK-12 infrastructure cost? Where does funding for PK-12 infrastructure come from?

Fact Sheet

Cost Estimating Data

Several national firms provide construction cost estimating data for use by architects, engineers, contractors, and the trades. This information is continually adjusted for local fluctuations in labor and materials costs. The following firms provide, at nominal or no cost, simplified procedures for estimating school construction costs for use in the early design stages of a project.

Reed Construction Data. Building Type Index

Scroll down to the Educational Building section for cost estimates for the following: Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools, Special Schools, School Auditoriums, Cafeterias, Classrooms, Dormitories, Gymnasiums, School Laboratories, Vocational Training Centers, Colleges & Universities, Pre-Schools, High Schools, Adult Education Facilities, Boarding Schools, Community Colleges, and Day Care Centers.

R.S. Means Quick Cost Calculator
Saylor Publications, Inc.: Square Foot Building Costs

Design Cost Data, a bimonthly magazine, publishes school construction case studies with detailed cost breakdowns. This is a subscription service.