Title Abstract Year
A History of School Design and its Indoor Environmental Standards, 1900 to Today Describes federal grant, tax, and finance programs dedicated to school construction, as well as grant, tax, and finance programs whose funds may be used for school construction. Each program is... 2012
Catching the Age Wave: Building Schools with Senior Citizens in Mind Examining the trend toward an older U.S. population, this publication discusses why educators and school facility planners should consider designing multipurpose schools that specifically contribute... 2002
Classrooms Addresses classroom design trends and key issues schools must consider to attain better classroom space flexibility and adaptability. Also covered are classroom space design issues relative to... 2000
Closing a School Building: A Systematic Approach Cites a decline in some regions' school enrollment due to demographics, economics, and school choice. The author then presents a step-by-step analysis for deciding to close a school, and then... 2010
CPTED 101: Crime Prevention through Environmental Design – The Fundamentals for Schools Discusses the concepts of natural surveillance, natural access control, and territoriality as a means to improve school security. Each concept is defined and presented along with basic principles of... 2010
Creating Accessible Schools Examines issues surrounding federal mandates to accommodate students with disabilities, including the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Individuals with Disabilities... 2000
Creating Schools and Strengthening Communities through Adaptive Reuse Examines four school projects that illustrate the many benefits of adaptive reuse and show that mainstream school districts can meet the regulatory and political challenges necessary to make such... 2003
Do School Facilities Affect Academic Outcomes? Examine facility attributes that most affect academic outcomes and in what manner and degree. The research is examined in six categories: indoor air quality, ventilation, and thermal comfort;... 2002
Door Locking Options in Schools Explains the building and fire code requirements governing doors in schools, discusses existing door locking options, and describes the varied and sometimes conflicting safety- and security-related... 2009
Early Childhood Centers Addresses how early childhood center design can improve the quality of these centers in terms of health, safety, and the appropriate development of the child. It briefly explores educational trends... 2009
Earthquakes and Schools Discusses earthquake basics, preparing a school for an earthquake, reducing nonstructural hazards, and seismic upgrading. A mitigation checklist is provided, as well as appendices on nonstructural... 2008
Educational Facilities within the Context of a Changing 21st Century America This provocative paper begins by discussing the eventual possibility of virtual schools -- schools with neither teachers nor buildings, then explores eight possible near-term trends and their likely... 2006
Educational Trends Shaping School Planning and Design 2007 Examines 12 educational trends influencing the planning and design of school facilities. The trends were identified by reviewing the latest research on school facilities and student outcomes; current... 2007
Educational Trends Shaping School Planning, Design, Construction, Funding and Operation Assists educators and facilities professionals to prepare for an increasingly diverse, conflicted, and constantly evolving world of education. Fifteen trends are presented that are redefining... 2010
Effects of School Facility Quality on Teacher Retention in Urban School Districts The attrition of both new and experienced teachers is a great challenge for schools and school administrators, particularly in large urban districts. Because of the importance of this issue, there is... 2004
Emergency Management Standards for Schools Discusses emergency management standards for school use and lists standards recommended by FEMA's National Incident Management System (NIMS). 2009
Emergency Response Information for School Facilities Discusses the information required for managing school buildings, grounds, occupants, and rescue and recovery personnel during and after a crisis: neighborhood maps; aerial and ground photos; campus... 2008
Federal Spending on PK-12 School Facilities Describes federal grant, tax, and finance programs dedicated to school construction, as well as grant, tax, and finance programs whose funds may be used for school construction. Each program is... 2010
Flooding and Schools Discusses what flooding can do to schools; how to prevent or mitigate flood damage; how to prepare for and respond to flood emergencies; and how to recover from a flood. Includes an appendix on... 2011
Fundraising Basics for Private School Facilities Examines the process behind setting up and implementing a "capital campagin": a program for raising money for new or renovated facilities at private K-12 schools. The report covers tax... 2001, rev. 2009
Garrett Case and Public School Accessibility Presents an assessment of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama v. Garrett (2001), which decided that Congress had no power to authorize suits for... 2001
Green Schools as High Performance Learning Facilities Defines a "green" school and its benefits to operational savings, health, pedagogy, and the environment. Planning, design, and operations considerations are detailed, while addressing site... 2010
Historic Neighborhood Schools Deliver 21st Century Educations Examines the numerous advantages that can be gained from preserving older neighborhood schools. Debunks the notion that well-renovated historic schools cannot meet modern standards. Recounts the... 2003
History of Educational Facilities Laboratories (EFL) Presents information on the history, operations, and accomplishments of the Educational Facilities Laboratories (EFL), a nonprofit corporation established to help schools and colleges maximize the... 2009
Improving School Access Control Provides a wide range of access control measures for thinking about and devising better ways of controlling access to school buildings and grounds. 2008