Title Abstract Year
Selecting Security Technology Providers Describes a process for selecting school security technology consultants and systems integrators. Includes two appendices, "Identifying Desired System Attributes" and "Identifying... 2009
Severe Weather Planning for Schools Understanding, preparing for, and coping with weather emergencies, including severe thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes and storm surge, flooding, and extreme heat and cold. Six... 2008
Smaller, Safer, Saner, Successful Schools Provides a summary of research on small schools and shared facilities showing that, on average, smaller schools provide a safer and more challenging school environment that leads to higher academic... 2007
State Capital Spending on PK-12 School Facilities Presents a state-by-state examination of capital outlay funding for elementary and secondary public education facility construction and modernization. The document reports how much capital outlay has... 2010
Student Commons Addresses the student commons area in terms of its use as a social space for student or instructional space, and covers the common design principles that all commons areas should have. Highlighted... 2010
Taking School Design to Students Describes seven strategies for effectively involving students in school design. These methods include using student artwork, using disposable cameras, hosting student forums, involving students in... 2004
Teacher Workspaces Addresses the key elements found in well-designed teachers' workspaces, including both classroom- and office-based workspaces; and highlights important development principles when designing... 2010
Ten Ways to Help Avoid Legal Problems in School Construction Recommends that school districts include a legal plan in every school construction project. It discusses negotiating agreements with the project architect and construction manager early on;... 2003
Visioning Process for Designing Responsive Schools Presents guidance for creating a constructive dialogue between school officials and the surrounding community on the design of schools that contribute to enhancing educational quality. The benefits... 2001
Wildfires and Schools Discusses conditions that feed wildfires, how a building catches fire, determining your school's risk, creating a survivable space for the school, the importance of maintenance, the fire-... 2008
Wireless Wide Area Networks for School Districts Considers a basic question that many schools districts face in attempting to develop affordable, expandable district-wide computer networks that are resistant to obsolescence: Should these wide area... 2001