Related Organizations

NCEF's selective list of educational facilities-related professional organizations, federal, state and local agencies and organizations, academic research centers, and media sources.


Alliance to Save Energy's Green Schools Program
The Green Schools Program helps schools use energy efficiently through changes in the behavior of building users and changes in operational and maintenance routines. The Green School website features energy resources for school facility planners, educators, and administrators.

American Architectural Foundation. Great Schools by Design.
Great Schools by Design is a national initiative of the American Architectural Foundation that seeks to improve the quality of America’s schools and the communities they serve by promoting collaboration, excellence, and innovation in school design.

American Association of School Administrators (AASA)
AASA is an international organization for educational leaders which prepares schools and school systems for the 21st century, connects schools and communities, and enhances the effectiveness of school leaders.

American Institute of Architects Committee on Architecture for Education (AIA/CAE)
CAE connects architects and allied professionals interested in designing, building and using superior educational, cultural, and recreational facilities that meet the needs of students of all ages. AIA-CAE members educate the public about the value of quality educational facility design.

American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
The ASLA represents the landscape architecture profession in the United States. The ASLA Web site offers a database through which local landscape architects may be located.

America's Schoolhouse Council
National consortium of educational planners and designers dedicated to improving student learning through better academic facilities.

APPA Leadership in Educational Facilities
An international association which maintains, protects, and promotes the quality of educational facilities. APPA serves and assists facilities officers and physical plant administrators, conducts research and educational programs, produces publications, and develops guidelines.

Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)
AGC is an organization of qualified construction contractors and industry related companies. As the nation's largest and oldest construction trade association, AGC is the voice of the construction industry.

Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO)
ASBO provides programs and services to promote the highest standards of school business management, practices and professional growth, and the effective use of educational resources. ASBO provides a forum for the exchange of information among school management executives and various public and private school districts.

BEST: Building Educational Success Together
BEST is dedicated to expanding the effectiveness of those working to improve outcomes for children in urban public schools, focusing on the need for healthy, safe, and educationally adequate schools that are community anchors and are built and maintained in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner.

Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council
The Center is helping to engage educators in creating sustainable learning environments for their students and apply solid research to inform leadership—from school boards to college presidents—about the benefits of healthy, high-performing schools.

Centre for Effective Learning Environments [formerly PEB]
In January 2009, OECD's Programme on Educational Building became the Centre for Effective Learning Environments. CELE promotes the exchange and analysis of policy, research and experience in all matters related to educational building. CELE members consist of individual governments and research agencies throughout the world. Its work is of relevance to policy-makers in national and regional authorities responsible for educational facilities, to architects, system level and institutional managers, and to researchers in the field.

Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH)
A California organization that promotes, develops and supports the enactment of new statewide and local funding alternatives for public K-12 school construction, maintenance, and modernization.

Collaborative for High Performance Schools
CHPS mission is to facilitate the design, construction, and operation of high performance schools: environments that are not only energy and resource efficient, but also healthy, comfortable, well lit, and containing the amenities needed for quality education.

Construction Management Association of America (CMAA)
CMAA promotes and enhances Construction Management as a professional service among CM practitioners, project owners, and others in the construction process. This association promotes CM as a full partner in the process of design and construction.

Council of Educational Facility Planners, International (CEFPI)
An international non-profit organization and source of information for building, renovating, and evaluating schools in order to create optimum educational facilities.

Education Law Center
A non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of equal educational opportunity for poor children and children with disabilities in New Jersey. Manages the the Abbott School Facilities Initiative.

Healthy Schools Network
Healthy Schools Network is a not for profit education and research organization dedicated to securing policies and actions that will create schools that are environmentally responsible to children, personnel, and to their communities. Centered on children's environmental health, Healthy Schools Network activities include information, education, and coalition building.

National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO)
NACUBO represents chief administrative and financial officers at colleges and universities across the country and promotes sound management and financial practices at colleges and universities.

National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)
A non-governmental, non-profit organization established by the Congress to serve the public interest by promoting a more rational regulatory environment for the building community, by facilitating the introduction of new and innovative technology, and disseminating nationally recognized technical information. NIBS manages the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities.

National School Board Association (NSBA)
NSBA is the nationwide organization representing public school governance.

National School Plant Management Association (NSPMA)
A membership organization which facilitates the exchange of information on school plant management, maintenance and care, and promotes the professional advancement of school plant management personnel.

National School Supply and Equipment Association
NSSEA is trade association made up of over 1,400 member companies involved in the school market industry, including suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and service providers.

New Visions for Public Schools. Facilities and Design.
New Visions explores the following areas related to school facilities and campus operations: Transformation of Existing Campus Buildings; New Capacity Strategies via Public/Private Partnerships; Innovative Place-based Instructional and Community Asset Design; and Building Green.

Rebuild America's Schools
Coalition of national organizations and school districts working to create federal support to help local communities build, renovate and modernize schools.

Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)
An association focused on the promotion, advancement, and application of effective planning in higher education.

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC). High Performance School Buildings.
A nonprofit organization, SBIC promotes high- performance school buildings through online training and customized workshops for school administrators and local advocates; resources and technical training for architects, engineers and builders; and sponsorship and technical review opportunities for members and partners.

The 21st Century School Fund
The 21st Century School Fund is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 to work on school facility issues nationally and locally in the District of Columbia, building the public will and capacity to improve urban public school facilities. Provides technical assistance, training and tools to nonprofit organizations, school districts and local, state and federal public agencies to support their work on school facility issues.


Department of Agriculture. Community Facilities Direct Loans and Grants
Provide loans and grants and loan guarantees for community facilities projects. Community facilities projects develop essential community facilities for public use in rural areas and may include schools, community colleges, and colleges.

Department of Defense Education Activity Facilities Branch.
Responsible for providing safe, secure, and well-managed environments that contribute to student achievement. The branch oversees the maintenance, renovation and reconstruction of facilities that comprise the DoDEA real property inventory and serve as technical experts to the Area Offices concerning facilities, planning, design, construction, and/or maintenance for the different category of facilities.

Department of Education. Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities
The Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities program provides assistance to help charter schools meet their facility needs. Under this program, funds are provided on a competitive basis to public and nonprofit entities, and consortia of those entities, to leverage other funds and help charter schools obtain school facilities through such means as purchase, lease, and donation. Grantees may also use grants to leverage funds to help charter schools construct and renovate school facilities. This website includes purpose, eligibility, applicant information, awards, funding status, laws and guidance, resources, and FAQs.

Department of Education. Historically Black Colleges and University Capital Financing Program .
The goal of the program is to provide low-cost capital to finance improvements to the infrastructure of the nation's historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Specifically, the program provides HBCUs with access to capital financing or refinancing for the repair, renovation, and construction of classrooms, libraries, laboratories, dormitories, instructional equipment, and research instrumentation.

Department of Education. Impact Aid Discretionary Construction Grant Program.
The Impact Aid Discretionary Construction Grant Program authorizes competitive grants for emergency repairs and modernization of school facilities to certain eligible local educational agencies (LEAs) that receive Impact Aid. This webpage provides eligibility, applicant information, awards, performance, funding status, laws and regulations, resources, FAQs, and contacts.

Department of Education. Impact Aid Facilities Maintenance Program.
The U.S. Department of Education owns a limited number of school facilities that are operated by local educational agencies that serve military installations. Section 8008 grants help maintain these federally owned school facilities and restore or improve them where appropriate to enable an LEA to accept ownership. This webpage provides eligibility, applicant information, awards, performance, funding status, laws and regulations, resources, FAQs, and contacts.

Department of Education. Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools. Emergency Planning
This website is designed to be a one-stop shop that provides school leaders with information they need to plan for any emergency, including natural disasters, violent incidents and terrorist acts.

Department of Education. Qualified Zone Academy Bonds
In 1997, Congress created the financial instrument, the Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB), to help schools raise funds to renovate and repair buildings and to invest in equipment and up-to-date technology. This webpage has information on eligibility, awards, funding status, laws, FAQs, and contacts.

Department of Education. State Charter School Facilities Incentive Grants Program.
Provides grants to eligible states to help them establish or enhance, and administer, per-pupil facilities aid programs for charter schools.

Department of Health and Human Services. Head Start Facilities.
Assists program directors and facilities managers with planning and designing Head Start and Early Head Start centers.

Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star For K-12 School Districts
Energy Star for schools is a program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help school districts track and manage energy use, evaluate facility financial performance and locate energy efficient products and services for use in new school construction.

Environmental Protection Agency. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)Tools for Schools
A program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that provides information on improving air quality through better school design and management practices.

Environmental Protection Agency. Healthy School Environments
Site created by the Environmental Protection Agency as a gateway to on-line resources to help facility managers, school administrators, architects, design engineers, school nurses, parents, teachers and staff address environmental health issues in schools.

U.S. Access Board
The U.S. Access Board, also known as the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board, has building and facility design guidelines applicable to schools, including classroom acoustics, and accessibility guidelines for play areas.


Alabama State Department of Education School Architect and School Facilities
Describes the activities and responsibilities of the office of the school architect.

Alaska Department of Education & Early Development
Information on Alaska school capital projects, forms, costs, bond reimbursement and grant review, and facility renewal and replacement schedules.

Arizona School Facilities Board
Includes an overview of the Board, rules and policies, new construction, building renewal, preventive maintenance, emergency deficiency, and calendar/meetings.

Arkansas Division of Public School Academic Facilities & Transportation
Provides resources, documents, State Report, facilities calendar, master plan, enrollment projections, School Facility Manual, and frequently asked questions.

Arkansas School Plant Management Association
ASPMA determines the nature, extent and quality of non-instructional services required for the education program, and promotes the development of these services by establishing acceptable policies, standards, and practices.

California - Los Angeles Unified School District Facilities Services Division
The Facilities Services Division is responsible for the construction of new schools and the modernization of existing facilities. This website is designed to provide the public with information about what is happening in their neighborhood schools.

California Department of Education - Facilities
Information to assist school districts and their communities in creating well-planned, K-12 learning environments in safe, clean, and up-to date schools.

California Educational Facilities Authority
CEFA was created for the purpose of issuing revenue bonds to assist private non-profit California institutions of higher learning, in the expansion and construction of educational facilities.

California Office of Public School Construction
The agency that implements and administers the School Facility Program and other programs of the State Allocation Board (SAB). OPSC also verifies that all school districts applying for state funding to modernize or build new facilities meet specific criteria based on the type of funding requested.

Colorado Department of Education Division of Public School Capital Construction Assistance
Includes a series of programs for school districts, traditional public schools, charter schools, BOCES and The Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind for capital construction funding.

Colorado School Plant Managers Association
CSPMA consists of facility management professionals and educational support staff employed by school districts throughout Colorado who specify, build, renovate, maintain, and operate school facilities.

Connecticut School Building and Grounds Association
CSBGA consists of school buildings and grounds supervisors or managers who are responsible for the operation, maintenance and upkeep of schools in Connecticut. CSBGA was formed as a support organization to help meet the changing informational and educational needs of school facility management personnel and their staff.

Delaware Department of Education FacilityNet
Statewide, comprehensive facility assessment, research, and planning tool that includes CAD drawings of facilities, capacity reports, floor plans, capital plans, school equipment inventory systems, and a construction manual.

Florida - Miami-Dade County Public Schools Facilities
The facilities website is a "window" into the Maintenance, Construction and Planning Departments of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Includes reports, procedures, contacts, links, and more.

Florida Department of Education Office of Educational Facilities
The mission of the Office of Educational Facilities is to provide technical support and information for all issues related to educational facilities planning, funding, construction, and operations throughout Florida's K-20 Education System.

Florida School Plant Management Association
Establishes policies, standards, and practices and promotes the professional advancement of school plant maintenance, operation, safety, energy management, and environment.

Georgia Department of Education Facilities Services
The Facilities Services Unit assists Georgia school systems in developing long-range capital improvement plans, acquiring funds, and reviewing architectural plans. Full text data Rules and Guidelines are provided.

Hawaii Department of Education Facilities and Support Services Branch
Includes the Capital Improvements Program, Design and Evaluation, Safety and Security Services, Operations and Maintenance, and Student Transportation Services.

Idaho School Facilities Information
Idaho's Department of Education webpage includes Idaho's ten year facilities plan, best practices maintenance plan, and supplemental documents.

Illinois School Construction Program
The Illinois State Board of Education and the Capital Development Board are jointly responsible for administering the School Construction Program, a state-funded building program for local school districts. All funds currently authorized for the program to date by the Illinois General Assembly are now depleted. Website includes Capital Needs Assessment Surveys, a list of school grants, and publications.

Indiana School Construction Information
The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, working with the School Property Tax Control Board, reviews school construction proposals. Website includes school construction annual reports, guidance, and school construction facts.

Iowa Department of Education - School Facilities
Information on construction, data collection, funding, maintenance, planning, and safety & accessibility.

Iowa School Buildings and Grounds Association
Information sharing network between the buildings and grounds departments of the Iowa schools.

Kansas State Department of Education - School Facilities
Architect contact for public schools in Kansas; links to the Kansas School Construction Project & Plan Submittal Guide.

Kentucky Department of Education, Division of Facilities Management
Responsible for ensuring sanitary, safe and accessible construction of public school buildings, toilets, physical equipment of school grounds, and classrooms. The division provides assistance to school districts by reviewing and approving all sites, new buildings, additions, alterations of existing buildings, and energy savings projects. This division also reviews and approves property disposal and property lease agreements and assist with hazardous materials and construction finance.

Kentucky School Plant Management Association
This state organization is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the educational process through proper management practices related to school operations and maintenance.

Louisiana Recovery School District (New Orleans)
The Recovery School District Operations Department oversees the administration of operations and facilities in the RSD, including new construction projects, facilities planning, capital outlay, building renovations, maintenance, transportation and food services.

Maine State Department of Education - School Facilities Services
Includes information on Maine's major capital improvement plan, revolving renovation fund, lease space program, maintenance and capital improvement planning, and the Governor's Commission on School Facilities.

Maryland Public School Construction Program
This program provides State funding for eligible and justified public school construction projects that are approved by the Board of Public Works. Links to Facility Inventory, Regulations for the Administration of the Public School Construction Program, and reports on current Capital Improvement Programs across the state.

Maryland State Department of Education School Facilities Branch
Responsible for providing leadership and technical assistance to Maryland’s 24 school systems with regard to long-range facility planning; capital improvement program development; educational specifications; and the design, construction, and maintenance of school facilities.

Massachusetts Department of Education: School Building Issues
Includes information on Federal programs, links, resources, healthy schools checklist, and related laws.

Massachusetts School Building Authority
Through its grant program, the MSBA works with local communities to identify school facility needs, develop fiscally responsible and educationally appropriate solutions, and create safe, sound, and sustainable learning environments.

Massachusetts State College Building Authority
MSCBA services and contributes to the missions of the nine state colleges. The Authority issues revenue bonds, and manages the design and construction of revenue-funded student activity facilities on these campuses. The MSCBA sets rents and user fees, makes certain that revenues are adequate to maintain the system and pay debt service at lowest possible cost to students. The MSCBA is revenue financed and receives no direct appropriation from the Commonwealth.

Minnesota Association of School Maintenance Supervisors
Develops and maintains high standards in the administration, care, operation, planning, budgeting and development of buildings and grounds used by public and non-public schools in Minnesota.

Minnesota Department of Education - Facilities and Technology
Information on new school construction costs along with Minnesota school construction trends; space (square footage) and age of buildings maintained by school districts and by school building; and alternative facilities funding programs.

Mississippi Office of Healthy Schools. School Buildings and Grounds
The Division of School Buildings assists schools in developing and implementing comprehensive, preventive maintenance procedures to ensure a healthy and safe environment within the building and on school grounds. Includes school design guidelines, new school sites, relocatable classrooms, and QZABs.

Mississippi School Plant Management Association
MSSPMA is dedicated to the exchange of information and odeas among Mississippi school districts, community colleges and universities. An annual conference is held each year in Jackson.

Missouri Department Elementary & Secondary Education - School Facilities
Information, support and technical assistance concerning school facilities, including environmental issues, facility guidelines, QZABs, safety, and custodial/maintenance workshops.

Missouri School Plant Managers Association
This association's purpose is to provide for the exchange of information to improve school plant management, maintenance and care through promotion of acceptable policies, standards and practices.

Montana Office of Public Instruction - Facilities Condition Inventory
During the December 2005 Special Session, the Montana legislature appropriated funds to conduct a facilities condition inventory. This study is administered by Architecture and Engineering Division of the Department of Administration in two phases.

Montana Quality Schools Facility Grant Program
Quick Start is a competitive grant program designed to supply public school districts with grants for projects that provide long-term, cost-effective benefits to school facilities. The program, housed in the Montana Department of Commerce by the 61st Legislature, was established to implement the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Nevada. Clark County School District. Facilities Division
The Facilities Division administers a wide scope of functions, which includes managing real estate, planning, zoning and engineering; implementing construction, alteration and renovation projects; providing maintenance and repair services for facilities, grounds and equipment; and managing energy conservation, custodial support and safety and environmental programs.

New Hampshire Department of Education, Office of School Building Aid/School Facilities
This site provides information on educational specifications, plans, technical specifications, costs, site considerations and financing methodologies.

New Jersey Department of Education - Office of School Facilities
This site offers extensive information and assistance on state educational facility planning, educational specifications, financing, construction, and maintenance.

New Jersey School Buildings and Grounds Association
Formed in 1952, the NJSBGA has a membership of approximately 300 Facility Management Professionals. Members are employed by Public and Private School Systems, and hold the positions of Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Facility Managers and Director of Operations.

New Jersey Schools Development Authority
School construction projects of districts receiving at least 55% of their construction costs in state aid are transmitted to this agency for design and construction. This site provides public access to information about the school construction program, advertised projects, reports and policies, and a directory of prequalified firms.

New Mexico - Public School Facilities Authority
Serving the planning and construction management needs of public schools in New Mexico. Includes current projects, contracts and forms, laws, and awards.

New York City Dept. of Educ. Division of School Facilities
The DFS is responsible for the maintenance, repair and safe operation of all facilities under the jurisdiction of the City’s school system, including 125 million square feet of floor space in over 1,100 separate sites throughout the five boroughs of the City of New York.

New York City School Construction Authority
The SCA was established in 1988 to build new public schools and manage the design, construction and renovation of capital projects in New York City's more than 1,200 public school buildings, half of which were constructed prior to 1949. Includes reports and documents, programs, forms, updates.

New York State Association for Superintendents of School Buildings and Grounds
Active state-wide organization with local chapters, training publications and videos, conferences, job-bank, directory and buyers guide.

New York State Dormitory Authority
Provides financing and construction services to public and private universities in New York.

New York State Education Department, Office of Facilities Planning
This office of the New York State Education department coordinates statewide planning, design, and construction for New York Public Schools. This site links to of their documents and guidelines.

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction - School Planning
This assists North Carolina school districts, architects and designers in the planning and design of high quality school facilities. Includes publications and guides, construction cost data, and a prototype school design clearinghouse.

North Carolina Public School Maintenance Association
Professional organization working toward the betterment of public school maintenance in North Carolina by providing superior standards in the operation and maintenance of school buildings and grounds, promoting standards of professionalism among its membership, and lending its cooperation to educational institutions.

North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, School Finance and Organization. School Construction.
This site contains information on the state school construction approval process, square footage recommendations, school facility plan, and more.

Ohio Public Facilities Maintenance Association
OPFMA provides educational seminars, certification programs, information through a newsletter and other sources, and an annual conference and trade show. Institutional members include public and private K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

Ohio School Facilities Commission
The Commission provides funding, management oversight, and technical assistance to Ohio school districts for construction and renovation of school facilities.

Oklahoma School Plant Management Association
Helps facilities professional to create, support, and maintain an environment conducive for educational excellence.

Oregon School Facilities Management Association
OSFMA promotes and fosters the highest degree of professionalism in the planning, maintenance, and operation of school facilities in Oregon.

Oregon--Center for Innovative School Facilities
An Oregon nonprofit committed to improving learning environments and educational opportunities for students across the state. Provides Oregon's school districts with facility and real estate services, asset management, resources, and education.

Pennsylvania Department of Education: School Construction and Facilities
The Division of School Facilities in the Department of Education reviews proposed school building projects including their plans and specifications, enrollments, building utilization and building condition. The Division also calculates state reimbursement for qualified school construction projects, and reviews and approves the financing for reimbursable projects. The Division is also responsible for approving reimbursement for charter school facility leases.

Rhode Island Department of Education, Federal and State Funding, School Construction Aid
State web page that allows Rhode Island school districts that need new facilities to receive help with their needs and planning assessments, as well as assistance in determining which construction costs may be eligible for state reimbursement.

South Carolina Office of School Facilities
Serves as the building official for public school facilities in South Carolina. The office also is responsible for the administration of certain building fund programs and provides facility related technical and educational assistance.

South Dakota Department of Education. Office of Finance and Management
Grants Management manages the fiscal aspect of Federal grants issued through the South Dakota Department of Education, including the Qualified Zone Academy Bonds that can be used to carry out much-needed school renovations and repairs.

Tennessee Department of Education - Facilities Management
Facilities Management is responsible for coordinating all Building Commission activities; all HAZMAT activities; supervise all TOSHA/OSHA and the Fire Marshal activities, as well as the supervision of the departmental facilities statewide. This office is also responsible for inspecting all facilities statewide on a quarterly basis.

Tennessee School Plant Management Association
Association of school facility planners, maintenance and operations supervisors, and other persons who have administrative supervisory position in public or private school facilities.

Tennessee State School Bond Authority
The Authority is responsible for the administration of both the Qualified Zone Academy Bond program and the Qualified School Construction Bonds program for the State.

Texas - South Texas Association of School Maintenance Officials
Provides a forum to promote communication among all school officials and vendors involved in the maintenance of their district's facilities located throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

Texas Education Agency Facility Funding and Standards
Information on the state's Instructional Facilities Allotment (IFA) program and the federal Qualified Zone Academy Bond program, as well as state school facility standards and guidelines.

Utah State Office of Education. Facilities and Safety Links
Links to Utah facilities and safety resources, including construction checklists, current school construction, emergency preparedness planning, school building inspection, and information on facility funding.

Vermont Department of Education Programs and Services: School Construction
This program provides grants of state funds to school districts that demonstrate an urgent need for construction. Program staff provide technical assistance to school districts planning construction projects. Links to Vermont School Construction Planning Guide, High Performance School Design and Construction Standards, etc.

Virginia College Building Authority
Provides financing for certain capital projects and educational equipment for state institutions of higher education, and provides a conduit financing mechanism for private, non-profit institutions of higher education in Virginia.

Virginia Department of Education, School Facilities
VDOE provides leadership and technical services to Virginia's public school facilities in the following areas: School facility planning; School building guidelines ; Energy efficiency and high performance school buildings; School construction cost data; School construction project submission; Facility conferences and training; School Safety; Playground Safety, School facility studies; and Resources and Information.

Virginia School Plant Managers Association
Professional organization for school facility managers in Virginia that is a source of information on emerging facility management issues and legislation, provides professional development, and organizational benchmarking.

Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administrators
Promotes and fosters the highest degree of professionalism in its members engaged in the management of maintenance and operations in educational facilities in Washington state.

Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction - Facilities
The office is responsible for administering the K-12 Capital Budget, School Construction Assistance Program, and support for school preservation and facility management activities. Includes the High Performance School Buildings Program.

Washington--Seattle Public Schools Capital Projects and Planning
Includes design standards, condition reports, master plan, seismic report, and more.

West Virginia School Building Authority
West Virginia office that facilitates and provides state funds for the construction and maintenance of school facilities.

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction - School Management Services
This site offers state school facilities reporting information and a listing of state resources related to school construction and facilities management.

Wyoming School Facilities Department
This program provides procedures, rules and regulations and policies for the planning, assessing, financing, construction, and maintenance of school buildings in the State of Wyoming.


Center for Architecture and Building Science Research. New Jersey Institute of Technology
CABSR, located at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, has been active in educational facilities research since 1991. The early emphasis was on the interaction between learning environments and information technology. More recently the focus has shifted to optimizing 'whole building' performance and exploring the links between school facilities and student performance.

Center for Cities and Schools. University of California - Berkeley
The Center is committed to bridging the fields of education and urban policy to create equitable, diverse, and livable cities and schools. The Center works to promote understanding of how the varieties of natural and built environments are related to school quality. This is done through investigating issues around land use policies that support quality schools, coordinating school and housing policy, and thinking outside the box of traditional school facilities. The website includes research, resources, news and events.

Center for Environment, Education, and Design Studies. University of Washington
CEEDS is a multi-disciplinary academic research center housed at the University of Washington in Seattle, dedicated to facilitating a participatory design process that increases children's awareness of, and responsibility for, their school environment.

Center for High Performance Learning Environments. Virginia Tech
In collaboration with Labs21 and the Institute for Connecting Science Research to the Classroom, the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech created a center to serve as a resource for designers, engineers, system consultants, teachers, school administrators, facility managers, and others interested in improving the design and operation of K through 16 learning environments.

Educational Design Institute at Mississippi State University
A non-profit organization dedicated to providing school planners, administrators, and staff the resources to help with the vision, planning, design, and management of school facilities.

EFL Archives at the CRS Center, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University
The Educational Facilities Laboratories (EFL) archives contains more than 200 EFL publications, in pdf format, that covered all of the major aspects of school design, from classroom placement to alternate construction methods, published between 1958 and 1986.

National Center for the 21st Century Schoolhouse at San Diego State University
The Center supports the planning, design, and construction of school facilities from a learner-centered perspective through communication, research, and training. SDSU-CEFPI provides an Advanced Certificate Program in Educational Facilities Planning.

New Designs for Learning. Oregon State University
This program at the School of Education, Oregon State University, is a comprehensive approach to educational reform and revitalization. Its design recommendations equip educational leaders with new capabilities in designing learning experiences and environments.

School Design and Planning Laboratory (SDPL) at the University of Georgia
SDPL's mission is to advance the design and planning of safe, comfortable, developmentally appropriate learning environments for primary, elementary, middle, and high schools.

School Design Research. North Carolina State University
Current learning styles and teaching methods suggest the need for a new form of learning environment, and changes in the facility planning process where active collaboration is needed to reflect the diverse expertise of all stakeholders in the school community.


American School and Hospital Maintenance Magazine
American School & Hospital Facility magazine is for facility managers and members of the building team in U.S. schools, colleges, hospitals, and large nursing homes. There is online access to the magazine's articles by topic and issue date, as well as a monthly E-newsletter, FMBeat.

American School and University Magazine
For 75 years, American School & University has been an information source for K-12 and higher education facilities and business professionals responsible for the planning, design, construction, retrofit, operations, maintenance and management of education facilities. The magazine includes how-to-articles, industry reports, surveys, columns, new product introductions, and case histories.

Architectural Record Building Types Studies: Schools K-12 and Colleges and Universities
Case studies of recently built educational facilities with in-depth analyses, photographs, drawings, specifications, descriptions, and design solutions. Architectural Record is published by McGraw Hill Construction.

Building Design & Construction Magazine
Building Design & Construction publishes a monthly magazine, a weekly E-Newsletter, and a website that features news from the nonresidential building industry, including in-depth analysis of significant projects, trends, innovations, new technology, and products information. BD&C is published by Reed Business Information.

Building Sciences [E-Newsletter]
The National Institute of Building Sciences' monthly e-newsletter, Building Sciences, provides relevant information about Institute activities and industry news.

The CEFPI e-news is a ten-issue annual on-line publication of the Council of Educational Facility Planners International. It is accessible from the CEFPI homepage.

CELE Exchange
This is the journal of the OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE) (formerly the OECD Programme on Educational Building [PEB]). It addresses issues related to providing a quality educational infrastructure in a cost-effective way.

Children, Youth and Environments Online Journal
CYE facilitates the dissemination of knowledge and stimulate discussion in support of inclusive and sustainable environments for children and youth. The peer-reviewed online journal publishes papers on a broad range of topics using different approaches, including quantitative and qualitative empirical research, theoretical, methodological and historical investigations, critical literature reviews, design analyses, post-occupancy evaluations, policy studies, and program assessments.

Chronicle of Higher Education Blog: Buildings and Grounds
Includes blog entries on campus facilities-related issues; access to the the annual Chronicle supplement on campus architecture with articles and images; a continuously updated database of new campus architecture; and a multimedia section with audiovideo slide shows of new campus buildings.

College Planning and Management Magazine
College Planning and Management is an information resource for construction, facilities, business, and technology professionals serving the college and university market. It features articles on facility planning, safety and security, maintenance and operations, business, technology, and finance.

DesignShare E-Newsletter
The goal of this newsletter is to share innovative best practices happening around the world in the field of school design. The audience includes architects, educators, planners, builders, policy leaders, school board members, and all stakeholders interested in designing for the future of learning.

Education Week
Education Week is a weekly print newspaper featuring American K-12 education. A subscription to the newspaper is required in order to access online the full text of Education Week, the archives dating back to 1981, the Daily News, and the Education Counts interactive database. Education Week publishes a weekly E-Newsletter and a Blog.

Edutopia E-Newsletter
Published by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, this weekly e-newsletter features research, and inspiring stories from the frontlines of K-12 education. It includes editorial highlights from other news sources and links to what’s new on the Edutopia website including latest documentaries, in-depth articles, strategies and resources to create change in schools and communities. Free registration required.

Facilities Manager [Journal]
Facilities Manager is the bi-monthly journal of APPA: the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers. An article archives goes back to 1996. APPA is dedicated to the maintenance, protection, and promotion of quality educational facilities.

Green School and University
A monthly e-newsletter focused on green practices at America's education institutions. The e-newsletter provides school and university administrators and architects with valuable research and resources as their institutions look to incorporate green, sustainable, high-performance practices into their design, construction and operations.

Learning By Design
Published each spring by the National School Boards Association and Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc., Learning By Design showcases exemplary school design projects from across the continent. Learning By Design online provides PDF files for each year's construction projects, plus region-by-region listings of school architects and the complete text of feature articles from the print edition.

NewsSlice. Healthy Schools Network
The Healthy Schools Network's online news service is for the community of schools, parents, school personnel, and decision-makers interested in improving school facility environments. It provides brief postings every week from a wide variety of organizations. Postings are archived in the news section of the Healthy Schools Network website.

School Construction News
School Construction News provides timely information about the educational construction industry. It features a monthly building report, specifications and information on a facility and product of the month, links, and a calendar of events. There is an online version of the free print publication.

School Facility Design, Maintenance & Management Blog blog has information, comments and concepts for k-12, college, public and private school design, construction maintenance and management professionals.

School Planning and Management Magazine
School Planning and Management magazine is written for school district decision makers, architects, engineers, and construction managers on facility planning, safety and security, maintenance and operations, business, technology and finance issues.
Searchable database of photos, project descriptions and floor plans for schools across the country that have been featured in American School & University's Architectural Portfolio and Educational Interiors Showcase issues. The database is also searchable by firm name, project city and state, and special subcategory such as renovation or landscape.

Schoolhouse Beat E-Newsletter
Schoolhouse Beat is a weekly update from American School & University magazine on the latest news about educational facilities and school operations. The E-newsletter keeps readers informed about developments in school construction and renovation, and other business and administrative issues.

Schools of the 21st Century.
Architectural Record magazine's website provides school-design trends and technologies, including articles, case studies, product profiles, forums, and resources.

Blog entries from the Society for College and University Planning's (SCUP) ongoing environmental scan for resources relating to higher education planning.

Whole Building Design Guide
Developed by the National Institute of Building Sciences, this web-based portal provides practitioners access to up-to-date information on a wide range of building-related guidance, criteria, and technology from a 'whole buildings' perspective.

Whole Child Newsletter
This newsletter regularly covers topics such as the school environment and serving special needs children. A variety of links, a podcast, and a blog are also available.