Access Control Systems

Title Abstract Publication Date
Biometrics As an Integration Tool. Describes the use of biometrics to calculate attendance, control access, locate children during emergencies, and charge lunches and other services. 08/31/2005
Biometrics Go Mainstream. Describes retina, iris, fingerprint, voice, facial, and hand geometry recognition for security. The technologies are compared, and caveats concerning privacy, false acceptance, and false rejection... 03/31/2006
Biometrics Revisted. Reviews the current reliability of fingerprint scanning systems, noting recent advances in accuracy, decline in costs, educational facility applications, and possible security risks. 12/31/2007
Biosecurity Comes of Age. Retina, Hand, and Fingerprint Scanners Are Emerging as New Solutions to Access and Authentication Concerns. While most schools are grappling with the question of using smart cards to eliminate keys and upgrade campus security, a select group of schools are addressing access and authentication concerns with... 07/31/2004
Boone County Schools Move up the Security Pyramid. Describes upgrades to access control in this Kentucky school system. Multiple key systems existed across the district, and even within some schools. Conversion of existing schools to battery-operated... 07/31/2011
Border Patrol. Describes surveillance, card access, and security in two public school systems and at Ohio State University. 09/30/2005
Campus Alert: Smart Cards Enhance Security. Describes how installing sophisticated access systems on multi-building campuses can increase security staff workload due to increased responses to nuisance alarms. Examples of how colleges have... 06/30/2008
Campus Card Programs Offer Expanded Opportunities. Describes creative current and future applications for smart cards, some of which bring royalty payments to the issuing institution. 01/31/2004
Case Study: Boise State University Gets to the Core of Housing Security. Describes the keying system put in place at this institution to reduce maintenance and spare parts requirements, as well as improve control over who has keys. 10/31/2005
Case Study: Cobb County School District. Profiles the upgrade of elementary school door locks in Georgia's Cobb County School District. The research of existing systems, standardization of doors and electronic locks, and flexibility of... 07/31/2010
Case Study: Diablo Valley College Goes Wireless to Integrate with Network Security. Profiles this institution's use of wireless locks to retrofit an older building for increased access control. Proximity card access and a key override are featured. 01/31/2009
Case Study: Piedmont California Schools Lock Down Classroom Security. Describes this district's replacement of 50 classroom door locks that can be locked from inside with a key, new panic bars for exit doors that can be found in the dark, and standardization of... 09/30/2009
Case Study: San Mateo High School District Describes the combination of simple but effective access control solutions at the San Mateo Union HIgh School District that protect students, teachers, and staff with minimal system management... 07/31/2012
Case Study: Security is in the Cards for Skidmore College Discusses the conversion of the access control of its residence halls and academic buildings from mechanical keys to cards. 09/30/2011
Case Study: Vacaville Schools Upgrade Classroom Security. Details the upgrading of this California school systems locks. The systems schools have classroom doors that open to the outdoors. Locks were changed so that doors that could be locked from the... 10/31/2009
Cash or Credit? Describes use campus identification cards that admit students to facilities for a range of purchasing options both on and off campus. 09/30/2009
Cashless Campuses. Describes a variety of uses for smart cards and how increasing numbers of on- and off-campus transactions are being combined onto single cards. 02/29/2004
CCTV Basics. Describes tasks that closed circuit television cameras can be expected to perform, and how they should be placed and monitored in order to accomplish those tasks. 06/30/2004
CCTV in the School Environment. Describes the many features of current closed circuit television technology, emphasizing the superiority of programmable digital equipment. Also included is a discussion of how to select spaces,... 03/14/2004
Close It Up & Lock It Down?!? Discusses the most effective ways of controlling access to facilities, including perimeter access, exterior doors, and visitor management. 11/30/2011
Combine Security and Safety with the Right Door Hardware. Discusses how door design and construction can add safety and security to educational facilities. Exit device variations, and electromagnetic locks and access control are explored. Also discussed are... 10/31/1999
Controlled Viewing. Discusses possible difficulties with traditional access control systems and web- interface, as well as newer web-enabled, web-based, and web-hosted systems. Advice on selecting a web-based access... 08/31/2008
Controlling Crime and Delinquency in the Schools: An Exploratory Study of Student Perceptions of School Security Measures. This paper provides an analysis of data on school security measures which were obtained from a survey administered to a sample of 230 high school students. The majority of students indicated that the... 12/31/2004
Controlling the Ins and Outs of Campus Buildings. Reviews six criteria that should be met in order for access-controlled egress doors to meet codes. 10/31/2006
Creating and Maintaining Security on Campus. Describes the various components of an effective campus security program, including the master plan/needs assessment, law enforcement staffing, security technology, access control, closed circuit... 02/28/2002