Access Control Systems

Title Abstract Publication Date
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. Discusses the three overlapping concepts of CPTED: access control, surveillance, and territorial reinforcement 09/30/2004
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design: School CPTED Basics. The Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) concept suggests that natural surveillance, natural access control, and territoriality can be effectively applied to schools and surrounding... 12/31/1998
Delivering Security, Life-Safety and Convenience. Discusses integration of access control into building design, detailing types of locks and strikes, electromechanical access control, switching, as well as non-locking components such as hinges and... 07/31/2008
Designing Safe Facilities Presents the observations of Judy Marks, Kenneth Trump, Larry Borland, and Tod Schneider regarding school security, with particular regard to heightened concerns since the 1999 Columbine and 2007... 08/31/2011
Developing a Security Profile. Examines the questions schools should address when re-evaluating how to protect people, property, and assets. Questions addressed include where and how to begin to improve security in a school,... 11/30/1999
Digital CCTV Video Surveillance. This document was prepared to summarize the current State of the Art of Digital CCTV systems and to understand the options available to building owners. The main emphasis is placed on multi-building... 12/31/1996
Door Hardware Goes Hi-Tech. Reviews the current generation of door hardware technology, with a variety of computerized features that are now largely available in a wireless mode. Advice on training front-line technicians is... 11/30/2009
Door Hardware: Safety and Security Strategies. Recognizes rapidly improving technology for door hardware components and provides insights on staying abreast of what is available and what should be considered when selecting. 01/31/2011
Door Locking Options for Schools. Explains the building and fire code requirements governing doors in schools, discusses existing door locking options, and describes the varied and sometimes conflicting safety- and security-related... 12/31/2008
Doors and Hardware: Making a Smooth Entrance. Reviews door and door hardware components, as well as card-operated systems. Typical maintenance, alignment, and insulation issues are also discussed. 08/31/2008
Effectively Managing Visitors. Advises on managing school visitors with mandatory identification check, sign-in by a staff member, sign-out, and use of visitor badges. Features of visitor management software are highlighted, as... 09/30/2009
Emerging Technology for School Security An up-and-coming technology enables smartphones to open access-controlled doors, do laundry, buy lunch and much more. 06/30/2012
Exit Strategy. Addresses the often-overlooked decisions attached to selecting appropriate doors for schools. Who will be coming and going in and out of them? How much control is needed over comings and goings? What... 04/30/2011
Eye Can See for Miles and Miles. Describes how a New Hampshire school system eliminated internal school vandalism and bomb threats, and reduced the number of false alarms, by using video security software (WebEyeAlert security... 01/31/2002
Eyes and Ears. Discusses techniques for improving school security, including card access control, security assessments, and weapons control. Human observation is particularly emphasized. 04/30/2008
Fighting Fire with Fire. School districts are integrating security and life-safety systems into school buildings to protect students and property. This proactive approach includes sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and security... 03/31/1996
Finding a Better Way to Lock the Doors Access control on campus is not very effective, say college and university officials who influence security decisions. Includes a case study of an electronic access control system at Miami University... 11/30/2011
Five Critical Door Closer Solutions. Discusses five critical issues when considering door closers: durability, ADA accessibility, safety, security, and design. 08/31/2008
From Concept to Implementation. Presents an interview with the access card system manager of the University of the Pacific, discussing the selection, design, installation, use, and maintenance of campus access cards. 01/31/2008
Getting a Handle on Access Control. Discusses door handles and locks, including types, features, functions, specification, durability, and inspection guidance. 11/30/2007
Getting Serious about Access Control. Acknowledges the potential for prohibitively expensive access control systems and the possibility for ineffectiveness if people do not learn to use the systems. The author describes the essential... 11/30/2010
Granite School District Security System Grows with Needs. Describes the evolution of this Utah county school district's security program from simple burglar alarms, to sophisticated access control. Specifications of the systems are described, with an... 11/30/2010
Great Expectations: How to Ensure that Specified Door, Frame, Hardware and Access-Control Software Components Will Perform as Planned. Discusses the inter-relationship of doors, door frames, and door hardware to create the most secure system possible. Advice on choosing access-control systems is included. 02/28/2006
Greenwood Community Schools Prioritize Building Security. Profiles recent security measures taken in Indiana's Greenwood Community School Corporation. After assessment by security consultants, video surveillance, electronic door access, and visitor... 05/31/2009
Growing Intelligence. Diuscusses advances in door systems, where doors are integrated with security and fire technology, providing access control and information on use. Biometric recognition is highlighted as the most... 09/30/2003