Access Control Systems

Title Abstract Publication Date
Houses of Cards. Explores how plastic identification cards are key to building security in athletic facilities. Card and identification system technology are addressed as are their benefits and complications. Final... 11/30/2000
Improving School Access Control. Discusses a wide range of access control measures for school buildings and grounds. For school grounds, the topics of surveillance, territoriality and maintenance, landscaping, exterior lighting,... 12/31/2007
In the Cards. Describes the many functions that magnetic student cards can perform, including customized meal plans, vending machines, laundry facilities, admission to school events, building access, and financial... 11/30/2005
Ins and Outs of Campus Access. Suggests determining campus access by deciding who will get access to which points at which times. Describes aspects and vulnerabilities of keycode, magnetic stripe cards, and biometric systems. 08/31/2003
Integrating School Security Systems. Discusses the benefits of converging surveillance technology with IT infrastructure, with an emphasis on converting existing analog equipment to digital and networking the technology for staff-wide... 11/30/2009
Is Your Security Budget Used Effectively? Presents survey information showing where school districts have invested their security budgets. Included are the various threats school districts see as requiring security actions and the areas most... 07/31/1997
Just Visiting. Reviews building features and procedures for controlling school access. These include limited campus entries that are supervised, identification badges, visitor registration, staff training, and a... 08/31/2007
Keeping Campuses Safe. Describes how colleges and universities are using technology, as well as traditional methods, to keep campuses safe and reduce crime. Topics include using free pizza in a successful contest to teach... 05/31/1999
Keeping Them Out. Reviews major points of access control for schools, including layered access control, off-campus access control, school grounds and building access, visitor screening, badges, staff and student... 06/30/2008
Keyless Access. Discusses the advantages of campus keyless access systems, particularly in combination with other access control technologies that help deter intruders and piggybacking of the unauthorized with the... 03/31/2009
Keys to Learning. Describes how the West Islip School District assessed its buildings' access control and replaced outdated and disparate locks with standardized keyed and electronic access control systems. 02/28/2005
Let 'em In? Discusses access control concepts, with an emphasis on retrofitting buildings and creating procedures for facilities that were built before security was a critical issue. Reconfiguring doors and lock... 08/31/2006
Life Safety, Security and Operational Conflicts. Discusses security features of doors, including anti-tailgating technology, door prop alarms, delayed egress, and electrified dogging. 02/28/2010
Looking to the Future. Ten possible trends on college campuses are examined. They include distance learning; rehabilitation of existing buildings; use of construction management firms; salaries for facilities directors;... 12/31/1997
Making Outsiders Stand Out. Explores how the use of badging systems can provide administrative benefits beyond building security. How declining costs are making badging systems more affordable is discussed along with how... 06/30/2000
Making the Grade with School Security. Shows how technology is helping school security directors prevent violence and protect students. One school's use of a state-of- the-art security system involving closed-circuit television,... 03/31/2000
NFPA 730 Guide for Premises Security This guide for exterior and interior security features describes construction, protection, and occupancy features, and practices, intended to reduce security vulnerabilities to life and of property... 12/31/2005
One-Card Programs Boast Endless Options. Discusses how all-campus ID cards are easy to manage, enhance overall campus security, lower operating expenses, and provide a chance to build lasting relationships with the community by taking the... 01/31/2003
Open Says Me. Discusses the use of biometrics in higher education access to cafeterias, gymnasiums, and practically all other campus services and retail. The advantages and current state of the technology, issues... 11/30/2006
Out with the Old, In with the New. Describes how Riverside Community College District upgraded its student ID cards from simple identification for library use to cards that enabled the recording of laboratory use and access to ATM... 06/30/2008
Planning for Schools of the Future. Examines the educational facility planning issues for restructuring schools to meet the future demands of students and educational programs. Issues discussed include the educational environment,... 04/30/1999
Primer to Design Safe School Projects in Case of Terrorist Attacks and School Shootings, 2nd Edition This manual is a revised and expanded version of FEMA 428. It provides the design community and school administrators with the basic principles and techniques to design a school that is safe from... 03/31/2012
Protecting School Perimeters. Briefly addresses school access control through improved electronic access over key control, as well as biometrics. Examples from a high school and two school systems are cited. 12/31/2006
Protecting Schools with Advanced Access Control Systems. Proposes a four-level security pyramid to organize campus security, with ascending levels representing more sophisticated, and probably less frequently needed, security technologies. Varieties of... 02/28/2005
Protecting the Perimeter. Advises a four-level security scheme, with increasing protection as numbers ascend. Level one employs key and other mechanical locking systems, level two auditable electronic access control, level... 05/31/2004