Access Control Systems

Title Abstract Publication Date
Providing Safe Schools. Discusses ten means for enhancing campus security: environmental design, smaller schools, control of public use, crisis planning, lighting design, resource officers, access control, video observation... 12/31/2003
R U Up 2 Speed? Security Trends in K-12. Security Trends in K-12. Discusses credential exchange for managing visitors, electronic access systems, and emergency notification systems for schools. 06/30/2011
Safe and Sound. Describes a comprehensive security program that includes access control, surveillance methods, and personnel awareness, designed to keep public schools safe for students and faculty. Alternatives to... 03/31/1997
Safe Entry, Easy Exit. Discusses the importance of school door design that keeps out intruders, but allows easy egress in an emergency. Fewer doors, card systems, keypads, biometrics, lighting, video surveillance, alarms,... 08/31/2008
Safe School Facilities Checklist. A checklist that combines the nation's best school facility assessment measures into one online source for assessing the safety and security of school buildings and grounds. It includes over 400... 12/31/2006
Safe School Survey Lead to System Upgrades. Describes how a safe school survey of the Atlanta Public Schools resulted in the updating of surveillance equipment, doors, and access control. 10/31/2003
Safe Schools Facilities Planner. Health and Life Safety, School Climate and Order This document addresses design-related concepts that can positively affect school climate and order. It describes and provides facility planning guidelines for crime prevention through environmental... 01/31/1998
Safety Balance: Achieving a Secure but Friendly Access Control. Discusses school access control, emphasizing a welcoming environment that is nonetheless carefully controlled. Careful evaluation of how the building is used by students, staff, and the community... 12/31/2008
School Access and Visitor Control Access control to school campuses and buildings is a top concern for most school officials. School administrators struggle with maintaining a balance between having a user-friendly, welcoming school... 12/31/2005
School Safety Technology in America: Current Use and Perceived Effectiveness School safety administrators (SSAs) are using technologies such as video cameras, weapon detectors, and entry control devices (ECD) in an attempt to deal with school violence. Although it is well... 02/28/2003
School Security Solutions: Bringing Corporate Safety to Schools and Colleges Describes software for electronic visitor management (EVM) called EasyLobbyTM, currently in use in thousands of federal and corporate installations throughout the world and its application for school... 02/28/2002
School Security Systems: Spotlight on Video Surveillance. Describes the use of video surveillance for school security, includes when to use video cameras, the features of video cameras, reasons not to use video surveillance, and legal issues. 08/31/2003
School Security Technologies. Provides current information on school security technologies, including access control systems, surveillance equipment, weapons detectors, communications and alarm systems, and emergency notification... 06/30/2010
School Security: Ensuring Access Control Deterring intruders is critical for school safety. Discusses the characteristics a recommended school access-control system. 05/31/2012
Securing a Lock on Safety. Describes the integration of security systems to provide enhanced security that is both effective and long lasting. Combining card access systems with camera surveillance, and highly visible... 01/31/1998
Securing the Schoolyard. Cameras are rolling in schoolhouses across the nation for security monitoring locations, protecting students, faculty, and school property from harm. Some schools now require all students, faculty,... 12/31/1994
Security at the University of Kentucky. Describes access control at the University of Kentucky coliseum, along with its attached new athletic addition. The keyless system enables complex control of access during lockdown, day-to-day... 10/31/2010
Security in Schools Explores passive vs. active security in K-12 schools and postsecondary institutions. Passive security measures include access control systems, video monitoring and other means that use technologies.... 06/19/2012
Security in Secondary Education Today. Reviews the options available to school officials to ensure a secure environment, including intrusion alarm systems, dual technology, motion sensors, card access systems, closed circuit television,... 03/31/2002
Security Starts with Access Control and Builds from There. Discusses access control technology in Littleton Public Schools, featuring highly coordinated cameras and card access systems. 10/31/2005
Security System Blends Keys and Credentials. Describes the Boulder Valley School Districts switch from keys to electronic door access, which enabled the district to control an employee's access to spaces, ended complicated key production,... 06/30/2010
Security: A Matter of Performance. [Door Hardware: Focus on Security] Advises on door maintenance, listing the parts of a door assembly in need of preventive maintenance, typical problems that prevent proper door function, lock maintenance, and electronic door access. 04/30/2011
Seven Steps to Updating ID's for Maximum Impact. Discusses ways to improve and expand the utility of identification cards for campus functions, including security. Suggested steps to determine are the objectives, level of visual security needed,... 02/29/2008
Show Your Hand, Not Your ID. Discusses the use of biometric identification technology on higher education campuses to control access to buildings, perform employee time clock functions, and charge meals. Costs and features of... 12/01/2005
Site Surveys: A Closer Look at Security. Advises on conducting a security assessment of an existing site, addressing the multiple components of facility security and the typical results that a site survey will produce. 12/31/2009