Access Control Systems

Title Abstract Publication Date
Smart Cards 101: Everything a Beginner Needs To Get Started. Discusses how to implement a smart card system at a college or university, and explains what smart cards are, their potential applications, benefits, and costs. Provides a resource for obtaining... 06/30/2001
SMART School Tool (School Multi-hazard Assessment Resource Tool). SMART is a multi-hazard vulnerability assessment for schools to use in analyzing their current safety and security level of preparedness. Each assessment module focuses on one hazard with specific... 12/31/2004
Smile! You're on Campus Camera. Describes how the increased presence of security cameras on campuses has faculty members and students debating how much surveillance is too much. 05/31/2003
State-of-the-Art Safety Implementing electronic access control in K-12 environments requires extensive planning as well as processes to ensure maximum usage of the technology. Discusses recommended steps to successfully... 12/31/2011
Surveillance 101: Leveraging Network Video to Enhance School Security, Student Learning and Teacher Standards. This article presents an overview of IP-based surveillance, giving schools a basic lesson in the way that the systems work with existing infrastructure investments and showing the overall benefits... 07/31/2004
Taking a One-Card System to the Maximum. Discusses how multi-purpose electronic student identification cards can benefit students and provide income to colleges and universities. Looks at future uses for multi-purpose cards and provides... 04/30/1998
Tech Talk: Deter and Detect. Lists the questions schools should ask when considering the purchase of surveillance cameras, explains how to choose the correct cameras, and discusses assessing the number and location where they... 04/30/2005
Technology Impacts School Security. Reviews the function, appropriateness, popularity, and relative costs of current school security technology including access cards, biometrics, and digital CCTV. 08/31/2004
The Basic Fundamentals of Doorway Security. Briefly reviews door security applications, including types of bolts, locksets, latchsets, strikes, cylinders, door closers, protection of the door from traffic damage, gaskets, and signage. 12/31/2008
The Evolution of Educational Safety. Reviews safety and security technology that has become useful since the National Institutes of Justice published The Appropriate and Effective Use of Security Technologies in U.S. Schools in 1999.... 08/31/2003
The Groundwork for Safety. Discusses affordable and practical security solutions, such as networked video systems, that are available to meet schools' needs for highly functional, low-cost surveillance. 06/30/2002
The Ins and Outs of Access Control. Presents basic considerations when school districts plan to acquire an access control system for their education facilities. Topics cover cards and readers, controllers, software, automation, card... 04/30/1999
The Integration Step Discusses networking and integrating security technologies including electronic access control, video surveillance, and intrusion systems. 12/31/2011
The Key System is the First Line of Defense. Discusses requirements for building key systems, including high security standards for cylinders, integration of keys and electronic systems, extra security for electronic control cabinets, patented... 12/31/2007
The Key to Door Closers. Advises on the selection of door closers, considering firm closure for security and fire safety, but also resistance low enough to pass accessibility requirements, where necessary. Applicable codes... 12/31/2009
The New World of Campus One-Cards. Describes recent innovations in student identification cards that enhance security, register attendance, and perform accounting functions. 10/31/2003
The Revolution in I.D. Cards. Examines how school identification cards can help improve security, assist in recordkeeping, pay for lunches, and much more. Several examples of the efficient use of smart cards are highlighted. 01/31/2001
The Security Continuum. Discusses the creation of a comprehensive security strategy for schools, including the importance of tailoring it to a specific school's mission and culture. Describes three classes of tactics (... 08/31/2002
The Security Factor in School Renovations. Discusses how one Indiana high school used its renovation as an opportunity to reevaluate the school's security design. Security considerations in the building's external and internal... 01/31/1998
Throwing Away the Key. Describes the savings realized when switching to card access systems and the configuration and costs of different types of online and offline card access door systems. 10/31/2004
Today's School Security Improved technology and more effective prevention programs help schools and universities provide safer learning environments. Discusses controlled access, video surveillance, mass notification, and... 03/31/2012
Tomorrow's I.D. Card Program. Describes current and planned uses for campus identity cards, including access control, banking, connections to local retailers, computer use, and combining card reading with biometrics. 01/31/2006
Uncovering Security Lapses with a Simple Hardware Review. Recommends a two-step process for reviewing the efficacy of a school's security hardware. The first step is to review traffic patterns and determine how doors can be most effectively used to... 11/03/2003
University Gets the Jump on Security. Describes how a university installed access card security in its residence halls, saving frequent re-keying and strengthening security. Examination of access card use led to the apprehension of... 04/30/2010