Access Control Systems

Title Abstract Publication Date
Unlocking the Mystery: Electrified Hardware and Electronic Access Control Systems. Reviews the benefits of electrified door hardware to security and life safety, describes electromechanical versions of locks, and discusses the components of an access control system, including the... 10/31/2007
What's Ahead for Campus Security? Identifies five trends in security technology and what they mean for colleges and universities in the near future. Trends addressed are: less emphasis on complete system integration; increased... 02/29/2000
What's in Your Wallet? Discusses access card security on higher education campuses. The nature of campus crime, typical systems in place, and system simplicity are discussed. 02/28/2010
What's the Password? Describes the simple but effective door security in the new Clackamas (Oregon) High School. This includes doors that can be locked or unlocked from a central location, card access, keyed mullions on... 06/30/2004
What's Your Emergency? Discusses the use of IP telephony to assist in location of emergency callers and enhance campus security. This enhanced 911 (E911) capability for multi-line phone systems is the law in a growing... 01/31/2007
Where Does Access Control Fit in the K-12 Security Mix? Discusses the role of access control in school security. The elements of access control, proper evaluation of school access control, procedural fixes that require no equipment, typical costs, and... 09/30/2008
Who Are You? Reviews magnetic card systems for school security and other campus transactions, emphasizing the importance of a one card approach for all uses. Uses for mobile card readers are also discussed. 11/30/2006
Wired for Protection. Describes how growing acceptance of security measures such as access- control cards, video surveillance, and biometric devices is allowing colleges to protect students and their belongings more... 05/31/2002
Wren School Security Survey: Access Control. Presents the results of a survey of of school administrators and resource, revealing that almost three-fourths of respondents are not extremely confident in their ability to lock down their school in... 09/24/2008