Administrative Spaces

Title Abstract Publication Date
Facility Focus: Adminsitrative Offices. Profiles new administrative buildings at SUNY Albany, the University of Delaware, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The buildings are noted for their signature architecture, reuse of historic... 06/30/2007
Five Ways To Create More Productive Front Office Space. Presents survey results on how furniture and interior design can affect school district staff's productivity. Productivity experts highlight five key factors for creating and maintaining... 10/31/1998
Greening the Office. Reviews ways that campus business offices can save paper, consolidate office equipment, and recycle printer cartridges. Recycling tips for furnishings and supplies, as well as the advantages of... 06/30/2007
Kroon Hall, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Profiles this academic building with office space for 50 faculty and staff, three classrooms, a library, a learning center, a 175-seat auditorium, and an environment center for social gatherings. The... 10/31/2009
Lab Honored for Dramatic Renovation of Key Space. Profiles Carleton University's Steacie SuperLab, a large and open facility created from four previous cramped and dark laboratories. Opening the space allowed for a doubling of fume hood... 04/30/2009
LAUSD's Business Services Center. An Investigative Report. An investigative report examines the Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) attempt to obtain emergency funding, following the Los Angeles earthquake, for its abandoned Business Services... 12/31/1998
Lounge Acts. Profiles four school staff lounges deemed comfortable and relaxing by their users, with suggestions for creating or renovating a staff lounge. 09/30/2006
Managing Your Documents. Advises on aspects of printing and electronic document storage that can save space, expedite procedures and access to documents, increase security, and improve disaster recovery. A list of ten... 03/31/2006
New Minneapolis School District Headquarters Shine Bright Describes the new $41.7 million Minneapolis school district headquarters complex that has an open design intended to encourage collaboration, and is LEED Gold. 05/27/2012
New Options for Campus Offices. Encourages higher education institutions to follow the corporate example of creating flexible faculty and staff workspaces to conserve space, maximize their investment in space-liberating technology... 03/24/2006
No Room in the In-Box. Reviews current design and equipment considerations for campus post offices, where letter volume has declined, but package volume has greatly increased. 02/29/2008
Office Space. Describes new administrative space created within historically sensitive structures at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Wheelock College. 10/31/2003
Office Space. Advises on re-design of the school administrative area to emulate similar spaces in the public sector. The office must provide robust data network and communications technology for every workspace,... 04/30/2009
Office Supply Describes an initiative to outfit New York City's 1,100 schools with teacher workstations. This is part of a growing national movement to upgrade, or, in some cases, introduce teacher work... 09/30/2001
Offices on Campus. Discusses offices on higher education campuses, which, after housing, represent the second largest user of space. Office space is defined and space standards, exceptions, planning guidelines from the... 02/28/2005
Other School Projects. Describes the award-winning designs of seven projects that are not typical school buildings. These include a performing arts center, an administrative center, an alternative education center, and a... 12/31/2004
Other School Projects. Describes the award-winning designs of five projects that are not typical school buildings. These include a performing arts center, an administrative center, a continuing education center, and early... 12/31/2003
Portland Community College's Downtown Center. Discusses the renovation of an historic building in downtown Portland that brings together Portland Community College (Ore.) administrators. The four-story, 44,000-square-foot building houses five... 02/28/2011
Postal Services Made Easy. Describes new mailing equipment accessible to relatively casual users which allows college and university administrators to spread postal services across campus, reducing the burdens carried by main... 11/30/2002
Presidential Seal of Approval. Advises on the selection of furniture for administrative offices, emphasizing functionality and ergonomic arrangement in private offices. More expensive, upscale appearances should be reserved for... 03/31/2006
Reserving Space. Presents the criteria schools can use to evaluate furniture and casework in K-12 educational spaces. Tips include keeping furniture or casework flexible in its placement, making color schemes simple... 04/30/1999
Rhode Island College Building 10, Adaptive Reuse. Describes the conversion of a 1950's social services building into administrative space for the College. The new facility features more natural light; stimulating materials, colors, and finishes... 06/30/2004
Rutt Academic Center. Profiles this building that integrates classrooms and central offices for the Lancaster Mennonite School System, as well as providing a gateway and security barrier for the campus. Building... 12/31/2009
Safer School Office Designs. Suggestions for design features that can make a difference in addressing an aggressive person in the main office area. 12/31/2010
School District Saves $200,000 With Permanent Modular Construction. Case study of building a district office for the administrators of School District 30 in Northbrook, Illinois, using the fast track techniques of modular construction to create their new headquarters... 12/31/2002