Administrative Spaces

Title Abstract Publication Date
Seats of Productivity. Discusses key factors to consider when selecting furniture for offices and other administrative areas, including flexibility, ergonomics, aesthetics, and cost. Includes a sidebar on dealing with... 03/31/2003
Shapiro Campus Center. Describes this Brandeis University focal point that combines a bookstore, electronic library, theatre, radio station, and administrative offices. Includes photographs, plans, and project information. 11/30/2004
Specialized Educational Facilities. Profiles six specialized educational facilities cited in the 2009 Learning by Design competition. These include two technical education, one arts, one administrative, two athletic, and one library... 12/31/2008
Storage Solutions: A Case Study. Discusses the conversion of staff, student and alumni records at the University of Michigan School of Social Work. 02/29/2004
Synergy and Energy. Describes the new multi-function buildings at Purdue and Nova Southeastern universities that house arenas, dining facilities, student fitness amenities, conference, and other organization office... 03/31/2010
The Effects of Interior Design on Communication and Impressions of a Counselor in a Counseling Room This study aimed to investigate effects of the interior design of a counseling room on participants' self-disclosure and impressions of a counselor. The authors examined the effects of lighting... 12/31/2005
The Richard E. Griffin Academic Center: College Sets Its Sights on a Difficult Site. Profiles this academic and administrative center built on a 7,500 square foot lot in a sensitive neighborhood that had been damaged by urban renewal projects of the past. Two below-ground levels and... 08/31/2010
The School Office: An Overview. Presents an overview of the fundamental principles of school office design that remain constant despite changes in building technologies, and technological and spatial flexibility. Principles... 10/31/2000
The University Faculty Office as an Environment. A post-occupancy evaluation of faculty offices was conducted at two universities. A stratified sample of faculty were surveyed via interview/questionnaire batteries, including an eight-item rank-... 11/30/1980
Toward a Grander Central. Describes the experiences of two school districts in funding, gaining support for, and building new central office facilities. 07/31/2003
Trading Spaces: The Faculty Office in Cross-Cultural Perspective The faculty office is the most familiar of institutional workplaces. In this article the author, having taught in five countries other than the United States describes how faculty offices are... 12/31/2003
Winning the War Against Paper and Microfilm: New Storage Solutions. Discusses conversion of paper and microfilm records to electronic files to save space and enable quick retrieval. Software programs are available that can index the online records. 02/29/2004