Art Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
2006 Notable Projects: Schools. Case studies, including project description, project team, and photographs, of the following schools: Perspectives Charter School, Chicago, IL, Perkins+Will; Perth Amboy High School, Perth Amboy, NJ... 12/31/2005
2007 Architectural Portfolio: Specialized Facilities. Profiles 33 outstanding new specialized school facilities selected for their innovation, sustainability, security, aesthetics, and life-cycle costs. These include art, performing arts, athletic,... 10/31/2007
A Delicate Matter. Profiles an addition to the Benedicta Arts Center at the College of Saint Benedict. The beloved 1964 structure was respected by the addition, in spite of the difficulty matching the unique exterior... 02/28/2007
A New Creative Learning Centre at a Girls School in Australia. Describes Brisbane Girls Grammar School's new Creative Learning Centre, conceived to group arts studies which were previously scattered across the campus and to serve all students as a meeting... 04/30/2007
A Not So Simple Building. Reviews how the designers was able to wrap Yale University's sculpture building in a glass curtain wall, but achieve energy efficiency with sophisticated glazing and an innovative HVAC design... 10/31/2007
Adapting Historic Architecture for the Arts. Profiles the conversion of 19th-century estate stables into art, historic preservation, and theatre teaching spaces at Salve Regina University. 11/30/2007
Aesthetic Code in Early Childhood Classrooms: What Art Educators Can Learn from Reggio Emilia. This article compares the messages contained in the physical environments of early childhood classrooms in Reggio Emilia, Italy, with typical early childhood settings in Canada and the United States... 09/30/2001
AMA Design Southfield Primary School Art Room Makeover Video of makeover of primary school in Ealing, which was televised by the BBC. The vision was to create a blank canvas, a flexible space where creativity comes from the work the children make and... 12/31/2008
An Index Method for Examining Secondary Art Classroom Furniture, Facilities, and Spaces Described is an index method that will help art teachers design, maintain, and control art classroom settings. The following topics are also discussed: the historical background for environments, the... 02/28/1986
Art Accommodation in Secondary Schools. A Design Guide. Building Bulletin 89 This document provides a framework for accommodation of art and design in British secondary schools, concentrating on the needs of 11- to 16-year-old pupils. Section 1 outlines the range of teaching... 10/07/1998
Art and College History, Written in Stone. Reviews the role and history of art museums on higher education campuses, citing notable established facilities, recent additions, and renovations. The evolving relationship of the university museum... 04/27/2006
Art and Design Studios. Describes the extensive additions and renovations that the Denver School of the Arts made to the higher education fine arts center that it bought, making it a highly sought-after venue for study.... 06/30/2006
Art Center College of Design. Describes the conversion of a World War II-era wind tunnel building into an higher education art teaching facility. Windows and skylights were cut into the thick-walled, concrete walls and roof.... 01/31/2005
Art Classroom Design. Offers a checklist for school art room design that provides a minimum of features for art instruction. These are organized under the categories of display space, storage, lighting, darkening, windows... 12/31/2006
Art Forms. This article includes a description, photographs, and floor plans of the Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource (FAIR) Arts Middle School in Crystal, Minnesota, winner of a 2001 AIA Minnesota Honor... 03/01/2002
Art Rooms and Art Teaching. Explores why art teachers include various objects and resources in their classroom environments. Focuses on different categories of art teachers: (1) high priest (concerned with personal expression... 12/31/2000
Art Safety Procedures for Art Schools and Art Departments This online manual includes chapters on a health and safety program; hazard communication; emergency procedures; laws and regulations; general precautions; personal protective equipment; fire safety... 12/31/1997
Artistic Achievement. Profiles Western Michgan University's Richmond Center for the Visual Arts, highlighting its budget-conscious use of architectural steel, aesthetic intent, and adherence to American Association... 08/31/2008
Arts and the Handicapped. An Issue of Access. Focuses on the people and places now developing facility, planning, and program solutions that enable the handicapped to participate in the arts to their fullest potential. The appendixes contain... 10/31/1975
Arts Education Facilities Planner for Grades 9-12. Suggests facilities necessary to conduct instruction in four distinct subject areas: dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts. Discusses common facilities elements, such as sound management, sound... 03/31/2000
Arts Education Facilities Planner. Grades K-8. This reference document for public school facility designers addresses arts education programs and the facilities that support them. Some sections focus on concepts and features common to most or all... 03/31/2000
Arts Education in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools: 1999-2000 and 2009-10 Presents selected findings from seven congressionally mandated arts in education surveys. These surveys were designed to provide national estimates of the characteristics of arts education in public... 03/31/2012
Black Box Theatres: Cheyenne Mountain High School. Describes the design of the academic arts building at Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, including its black box theater, art classroom, computer graphics lab, gallery,... 05/31/2002
Booker T. Washington High School. Profiles this addition to a Dallas performing arts high school that connects to the restored 1922 original structure with generous studios and rehearsal spaces. Project information, plans, and... 12/31/2009
Bringing Art into the Design of an Arts Magnet School. Shows design features of the K-8 Arts Magnet School in New Haven, Connecticut, that allow the facility to be used as a learning tool. Also explores ways to bring artistic energy into the building... 10/31/2001