Assessing School Facilities Damaged by Natural Disasters

Title Abstract Publication Date
Recovery. Reviews the recovery of New Orleans schools after Hurricane Katrina, highlighting a district whose facilities were inadequate before the storm, and converted to a Recovery District that is plagued by... 09/30/2007
Redevelopment Planning after Hurricane Katrina: Challenges Facing Education and School Facility Design. Outlines recovery goals and strategies for areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, emphasizing a multiregional plan that includes coordinated multicounty oversight of construction, creation of joint-use... 11/30/2005
Renovation and Repair in New Orleans. Describes the extent of Hurricane Katrina's damage to Dillard University, as well as plans to demolish some buildings, rebuild with elevated structures, and revisit the entire campus plan. 04/27/2006
Response. Describes the East Baton Rouge School District's response to Hurricane Katrina, which included absorbing 8,000 displaced students into a system operating under strict court-enforced capacity... 08/31/2006
Road to Recovery. Reviews the University of Iowa's response to 2008 flooding, which reached the 500-year flood threshold and exceeded the existing disaster response plan. Protection of building systems where... 06/30/2009
School Choice: Build New or Not Before a school district embarks on a major renovation project, it must determine whether it is better to replace the existing facility with a new school. While sometimes the cost of replacing... 02/28/2005
St. Paul's Episcopal School. Reviews a design charrette for this New Orleans school that is gradually reopening after being flooded by Hurricane Katrina. The rebuilding offers a chance to correct deficiencies in the former... 12/31/2007
Starting Over. (When Disaster Strikes Your Schools.) Discusses recovery from Hurricane Ike in several coastal Texas school districts. Some schools served as storm shelters, while others were heavily damaged and their students distributed elsewhere.... 11/30/2008
The Hurricanes of 2004. Presents an overview of the Federal Emergency Management Association's findings and recommendations, following evaluations of roof performance in three 2005 hurricanes. Roofing equipment,... 08/31/2005
The Longest Days. Discusses rebuilding of schools after natural disasters, covering details of the assessment and rebuilding of facilities, mental health, information systems, communications, and memorials. 09/30/2006
They've Seen Fire and They've Seen Rain Recounts what school district facilities managers did and what they learned from the flood and fire disaster in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Examines the taxing and complex cleanup effort, which... 04/30/1998
Treatment of Flood-Damaged Older and Historic Buildings. Includes information on how to care for wet plaster, problems with foundations, treatment for saturated wood-framed walls and floors, exterior paint problems, cleaning out mud, where to go for... 12/31/1992
Understanding the Facility Assessment Process. Explains the physical and functional building conditions that are examined in a facility assessment. In a physical condition assessment, the mechanical and electrical systems, structural integrity,... 02/28/2005
University of Iowa Finds Renewal in Rebuilding. Reviews the University of Iowa's rebuilding from a 2008 flood. The $743 million in damages, the closure of 22 buildings, efforts to fight the flood, and negotiations with FEMA are described,... 09/23/2010
Up from the Ruins: State and District Leaders Are Fighting to Rebuild and Repair New Orleans Schools. Reviews the rebuilding program for New Orleans public schools damaged by Hurricane Katrina. The first step was to make sure that the usable schools were safe, clean, and relatively modern, which was... 10/02/2007
When Disaster Strikes: How School Facilities Can Cope with the Unthinkable. Advises on the use of skilled assessments after a major damage to school facilities. Reliable pre-event assessment data is recommended and this information must be retained in a disaster-proof... 01/31/2009
When the Creek Rises. Describes the facility cleanup and technology restoration at the Grant Wood Area Education Agency in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after June 2008 flooding. 04/30/2011