Athletic Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
1+1=3. Describes the Austin, Texas, Waldorf School Performing Arts Center and Athletic Building, which was successfully built on a small site and extremely tight budget. A listing of project participants,... 12/31/2004
13 Points to Washroom Safety. Washrooms today must be outfitted according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but many of the safety features mandated by the ADA also make good common sense for any school restroom.... 02/28/1997
2007 Architectural Portfolio: Specialized Facilities. Profiles 33 outstanding new specialized school facilities selected for their innovation, sustainability, security, aesthetics, and life-cycle costs. These include art, performing arts, athletic,... 10/31/2007
24th Annual Architectural Showcase. Profiles the winners of 24th annual Architectural Showcase for athletic facilities. Forty K-12 and higher education facilities are featured among the winners. 05/31/2011
25th Annual Facilities of Merit. Describes the ten winners of this competition, which include six higher education athletic centers chosen for functionality, innovative design, relationship to site, cost- effectiveness, and... 11/30/2005
26th Annual Facilities of Merit. Describes the ten winners of this competition, which include four higher education and two secondary school athletic centers that were chosen for functionality, innovative design, relationship to... 10/31/2006
A Complete Guide to Sports and Recreation Surfaces. Advises on selection and care of synthetic turf, track and tennis court surfaces, and fitness room and gymnasium floors. 06/30/2007
A Complete Guide to Sports Surfaces and Flooring. Discusses athletic surfaces for tennis, field sports, and track, including a lengthy case study of surfaces used in the 184,772-square-foot Centre of Elgin (Illinois). The surfaces of the Centre... 06/30/2006
A Complex Issue. Describes the $17-million sports complex being constructed in Topeka, Kansas to serve the city's 3 high schools and 125,000 residents. Describes how the school district successfully pitched a... 04/30/2002
A Drain on Resources? Discusses the high cost of maintaining pools and how some schools are closing theirs, even though interest in competitive swimming is increasing. Cost-saving measures and alternative funding... 07/31/2009
A Look at Trends in Schools and School Districts The economic downturn has been particularly hard on schools and school districts. Respondents from schools and school districts, who made up 7.2 percent of the total response to the Industry Report... 05/31/2012
A Look at Trends in Schools and School Districts. Discusses trends in K-12 school athletic facilities, based on a survey of school district athletic facility personnel. Effects of the recession, plans for new and renovated facilities, increase in... 05/31/2009
A Look at Trends in Schools and School Districts. Summarizes survey responses from K-12 school administrators, indicating steady or slightly declining budgets and staff reductions. 53.7 percent have no plans for construction, with the remainder... 05/31/2011
A look at Trends in Schools and School Districts. Summarizes survey responses from K-12 school administrators, indicating concern that budget cuts will have on their facilities. Nonetheless, 55.4 percent of respondents plan new construction, which... 05/31/2010
A New Generation Gymnasium. Describes a new gymnasium that saves energy and improves the indoor environment with daylighting and displacement ventilation. 12/31/2004
A Running Start. Discusses key factors in designing an appropriate and successful recreational track, such as who will use it, how they will use it, how the design can enhance their experience, and how much of the... 10/31/2002
A Safe Bet. Advises on safety in athletic facilities, addressing the use and integration of surveillance, biometrics, radio-frequency identification (RFID), smart cards, and video analytics. 11/30/2009
A Sound Arena. Describes how a new arena configuration, the Alpha design, seeks to make facilities more multidimensional, with enhanced acoustics that offer superior entertainment as well as sports uses. Discusses... 03/31/2002
A Strong Foundation. Describes the efforts of several athletic booster clubs in raising funds for facility improvements. Organizational advice with examples of successes and failures are included. 03/31/2004
Acoustical CMU's for Cost-Effective Sound Control. Discusses the use of sound absorbing concrete masonry units (CMU's) in school auditoriums, gymnasiums and cafeterias. 08/31/2003
Acoustics in Physical Education Settings: The Learning Roadblocks. Reports results of study measuring noise levels in elementary, middle, and high school physical education settings, and compare them to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)... 12/31/2009
ACSM's Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines. 4th edition The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) sets the industry standard for certifying professionals involved in health and fitness and their clinical applications. This ACSM publication provides a... 12/31/2011
After the Fall. Describes Minnesota's landmark Bleacher Safety Act, enacted after a 6-year-old fell to his death from bleachers, and the efforts and recommendations of other states and organizations regarding... 04/30/2002
Against the Grain. Assesses the benefits of using synthetic surfaces as an alternative to hardwood flooring in multipurpose gymnasiums. Explores such issues as durability, flexibility, and ease of installation. 10/31/2001
Age of Enlightenment. Advises on how to make athletic facility lighting more eye-catching, practical, and environmentally sensitive. Examples of upgrades and the money saved are provided, as is advice on controlling spill... 09/30/2006