Athletic Facilities--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
At a Price. Discusses the use of student and faculty fees for paying for the construction and renovation of college recreation facilities. Community participation in the recreation facilities as an additional... 03/31/2001
Athletic Business The Athletic Business Web site includes a product database on Building and Facility Components which lists manufacturers of such components as acoustical panels, building systems, gymnasium dividers...
Athletic Enhancement. Describes the design of the John Justin Athletic Center at Texas Christian University, including the educational context and design goals. Includes information on the architect and contractors, as... 04/30/2003
Ball State University Student Recreation and Wellness Center Includes a three-tier fitness center, a five-court gymnasium, an indoor synthetic turf field, three multipurpose rooms, running track, an indoor climbing wall and outdoor center, massage and wellness... 05/31/2012
Best Places to Live. Profiles wellness-centered campus living environments that feature easy access to fitness facilities, as well as on-site programs and facilities that are used to teach healthy lifestyles and cooking. 03/31/2007
Brand New [Game] Day. Profiles the University of Minnesota's new Gopher Football Stadium. Features that helped it become the first LEED Silver Certified collegiate stadium are detailed. Photographs and a list of... 12/31/2009
Building Blueprints: A Stadium that Scores. Explains how the University of Kentucky renovated its stadium to give the school's football fans a new identity to embrace along with an additional 16,000 seats. Photos are included. 05/31/2000
Building Blueprints: Ice Is Nice. Examines how one college developed a partnership with the city's professional hockey team to build an ice rink that would benefit the team, the university, and the community. The construction... 05/31/1999
Building Blueprints: UNHs Physically Fit Athletic Facility Features Two Buildings, One Lobby. Examines the planning behind renovating the University of New Hampshire's multi-building athletic/recreational facility to accommodate additional sports use. Particularly addressed are the... 12/31/1998
Building Campus Community: Southern Methodist University Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. Profiles this award-winning collegiate athletic facility, selected for its success in creating a modern facility while adhering to the campus' traditional design. Photographs and project... 04/30/2007
Building Plan Adrian College in West Virginia doubled its enrollment and operating budget through the construction of sports and recreation facilities. Now the strategy will face its ultimate test at Alderson-... 01/31/2012
California State University Northridge Student Recreation Center Facility includes basketball courts, a multipurpose activity court, a climbing wall, a running track, a racquetball court, fitness areas, multipurpose studios and a 7,400-square-foot leisure pool. 05/31/2012
Campus Oasis: The University of Texas at Austin, Gregory Gymnasium Aquatic Complex. Profiles this award-winning collegiate athletic facility, selected for its spa-like ambiance, dynamic open spaces, use of materials, and lighting. Photographs and project statistics are included. 04/30/2007
Campus Recreation Center, University of Cincinnati. Profiles this high-profile facility that combines student athletic facilities, a food court, classrooms, and even student housing. 09/30/2006
Campus Recreation: A Look at Trends in Recreation at Colleges and Universities. Reviews higher education recreational facility offerings, focusing on staffing needs that are often met by student employees, increasing facility demands, design trends in newer facilities, and the... 05/31/2007
Campus Recreational Sports Facilities: Planning, Design and Construction Guidelines. Covers the planning process from the perspective of the campus master planner and the recreational sport director; the feasibility study process, how to determine whether to build new or renovate... 12/31/2008
Cecil College Physical Education Complex Renovation and Expansion Designed for optimal flexibility and functionality, the complex offers a variety of multiuse spaces, including a new exterior amphitheater for formal and informal activities; multiple venues for... 05/31/2012
Centers of Attention. Explores why and how integrating the activities of recreation centers and student centers into one common facility is emerging as a new development in college campus design. 10/31/2002
Clean and Green at UNT. Profiles the on-campus wind turbine system that will be used to power the University of North Texas's new stadium, as well as a number of other campus buildings. 04/30/2011
College/University Facilities Describes the designs of 42 new and renovated college physical education/recreation buildings, including the educational context,design goals, and photographs. 05/31/2004
College/University Facilities. Describes the designs of 35 new and renovated college physical education/recreation buildings, including the educational context,design goals, and photographs. 05/31/2005
College/University Facilities. Describes the designs of 38 college physical education/recreation buildings, including the educational context and design goals. Includes photographs. 05/31/2003
College/University Facilities. Describes the building designs of 117 state-of-the-art of college athletic and recreational facilities, including the educational contexts and design goals. Includes information on architects and... 05/31/2002
Collegiate Recreational Sports: Pivotal Players in Student Success. Discusses planning considerations for collegiate recreational sports facilities and the importance of these facilities as a recruitment and retention tool, in response to their relevance to student... 12/31/2008
Colorado State University Academic and Training Center. Profiles this academic center for student athletes. The facility is connected to the training center by a glass corridor spine, providing a constant visual reminder of the connection between athletic... 10/31/2010