Athletic Facilities--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Sound Design, Sound Student Bodies: Schwartz Athletic Center Wellness Center Addition, Widener University. Profiles this award-winning collegiate athletic facility, selected for its inviting transparency, daylighting, and significant impact with minimal effort. Photographs and project statistics are... 04/30/2007
Southwest Recreation Center University of Florida Photos and description of the addition and renovations to the Southwest Recreation Center at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The strength and cardio fitness spaces include an upper-level 1/... 04/30/2012
Space Planning Guidelines for Campus Recreational Sport Facilities. Space-per-student facility planning guidelines are cross-referenced by facility type and total enrollment or school size and presented in a simple chart format. Guidelines are given for five facility... 12/31/2007
Sports and Recreation Centers. Describes new arenas at the University of Texas at Tyler and the University of Rhode Island. 12/31/2003
Sports Floor Flavors. Discusses how athletic facility directors can select the right sports surface material and design for their facilities. Several flooring surface characteristics are highlighted. 04/30/2001
Sports Floors Go Green. Discusses sustainable wood and synthetic sports flooring options. Wood floors should be of FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)-certified wood. Synthetic and composite flooring should consists of low-VOC... 02/29/2004
Sports Stadiums/Athletic Facilities. Profiles fourteen athletic facilities honored for functionality, frugality, design features and balance, ability to inspire learning, and flexibility. Photographs, building statistics, and a list of... 10/31/2010
Sports Venues and Accessibility. Discusses ADA compliance for sports facilities, with particular attention to new facilities, major renovations, and community involvement in both. Accessibility considerations for a new sports center... 04/30/2005
Storm Teams. Describes the experiences of several higher education institutions whose athletic arenas became shelters during natural disasters. Preparation for future occurrences and ways to recover costs and... 08/31/2006
Stretched Stadiums. Provides examples of universities' efforts at expanding their athletic facilities to accommodate the record number of fans attending National Collegiate Athletic Association football games. The... 08/31/2000
Study Halls. Describes the use of student employees in college athletic centers. The student employees learn valuable skills and help stretch the athletic facility's budget for staffing. 03/31/2011
Suit Yourself: Locker Rooms to Fit Your Facility. Details design and safety consideration for locker rooms, including locker and floor selection, lighting, sight lines, ventilation, family changing rooms, and appropriateness for the sport or sports... 04/30/2011
Supporting a Stadium. Details the renovation of the University of Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium to increase capacity and add amenities. Issues of safety and traffic flow, restroom availability, accessibility, and... 11/30/2006
Sweat Equity. Cites research indicating that 33 percent of higher education students felt that it was important to see an institution's recreation facilities, and that 17-29 percent of students rejected an... 06/30/2006
Synergy and Energy. Describes the new multi-function buildings at Purdue and Nova Southeastern universities that house arenas, dining facilities, student fitness amenities, conference, and other organization office... 03/31/2010
Syracuse University Practice Football Facility / Bernheimer Architecture Description and photos of Syracuse University's football practice facility along with a larger strategic masterplan for the Lampe Athletic Campus that seeks to create an identity by making an... 04/12/2012
Take It Outside. Details the construction of refrigeration unit for the extremely popular outdoor hockey rink at University of Wisconsin, Madison, where winter temperatures may sometimes rise above freezing. 04/30/2010
Tennis Courts 101. Advises on surface selection, maintenance, and financing for higher education tennis courts. Overlay systems to refurbish old courts, leasing of these systems, the connection between cost and... 04/30/2008
The Art of the Possible. Discusses the reasons for the heightened interest in renovation of college sports facilities and some examples of renovation approaches involving utilitarian buildings of the recent past. Solutions... 03/31/2000
The Games Students Play. Discusses the trend towards higher education recreation facilities that rival private health clubs. Typical features, costs, student use, and recruitment advantages of these facilities are... 01/31/2008
The Good Life. Describes the trend toward elaborate, amenity-laden recreation centers on college campuses that have the intent of attracting students and keeping students on campus more. Examples of facilities at... 01/31/2007
The Main Street Vision: University of Cincinnati Campus Recreation Center. Profiles this award-winning collegiate large athletic facility, selected for its ingenious design and organization of a recreation center, retail, dormitory rooms, dining, classrooms, and stands for... 04/30/2007
The Metamorphosis of a Football Stadium. Examines the planning, renovation and enlargement, and funding of a new University of Utah football stadium that would also be used in the 2002 Winter Olympics. Contractor selection, solutions to... 06/30/1999
The Pillars of Wellness: University of North Dakota Wellness Center. Profiles this award-winning collegiate athletic facility, noted for its colorful interior, master planning for future expansion, and open floor plan. Photographs and project statistics are included. 04/30/2007
The Sports Floor Score. Discusses the issues to be considered when replacing an old gymnasium floor with a new. Issues involving aesthetics, safety, maintenance, and costs are addressed. 04/30/2000