Athletic Facilities Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
From Classroom to Courtside: Extending the Benefits of Carpet in Schools. Discusses the use of carpeting in athletic facilities, why it is a good idea, how it would look, and cleaning and maintenance issues. 09/30/2000
Green Up. Presents ideas to improve the eco-friendliness of athletic facilities, citing The Four R's of reduction, reuse, recycling, and rebuying. Under these categories come advice on construction and... 09/30/2006
Guidelines for Retrofitting Bleachers. This brochure offers guidance on bleacher retrofitting to prevent falls, and it suggests follow-up inspections and maintenance practices. Bleacher styles are described. Descriptions are provided of... 12/31/2000
Hidden Dangers. Discusses each of the major system components of a maintenance survey that can provide pool facilities with the information needed to properly maintain aging pools. Components examined include... 09/30/1999
Home Court Advantage. Provides low-cost tips for keeping gymnasiums aesthetically pleasing as well as revenue supporting for their multi-team functions. Use of banners, logos for chairs and end wall padding, scorer tables... 03/31/1995
Horseshoe Concrete Repairs: Bringing Luck to the Buckeyes with CFRP. Discusses the use of advanced carbon fiber- and epoxy-enhanced concrete products, as well as polyurethanes in the repair of Ohio State University's stadium. The badly deteriorated but much-loved... 11/30/2007
Isolate Your Track. Advises on drainage system design and installation to prevent water buildup on outdoor running tracks. 12/31/2006
LEDing the Way. Discusses how advances in light-emitting diode (LED) technology is helping video displays at sporting events get fans closer to the action than ever before. The types of LED displays available are... 08/31/2000
Locker Room Maintenance Made Easy. Describes ways that locker rooms can be designed and outfitted to minimize required maintenance and heighten satisfaction by students that use these facilities. Suggested possibilities for... 04/30/1998
Locker-Room Talk. Explains how proper athletic facility locker-room design can save time and money. Design factors that address who will be using the facility are discussed as are user requirements, such as... 08/31/1999
Maintenance & Repair - Prevent Defense Discusses cleaning, inspection, and preventive maintenance of fitness equipment. 03/31/2005
MRSA-Epidemic or Media Storm? Reviews cases and treatment for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), emphasizing related points of school facility cleanliness and particular attention to athletic facilities and... 10/31/2007
National Spa and Pool Institute NSPI is an umbrella organization for the spa and pool industry. NSPI sponsors the annual International Expo, and develops design, construction and operations standards for spas and pools.
On Your Marks. Examines the application of field, rink, track, and court markings and explains why the use of proper materials and some knowledge of science is important. Specific issues when using marking paints... 04/30/2000
Outdoor Bleachers. Plans for permanent bleachers (consisting of five or more rows of seats) purchased and installed for use on K-12 athletic/play fields must be reviewed by the North Carolina Department of Public... 07/31/2003
Pool Maintenance: Fact and Fiction. Examines the myths of swimming pool maintenance as applied to commercial pool use. Myths concerning backwashing filters, their run time and operational costs, and the necessity of pool covers for... 09/30/1997
Preventive Maintenance, Part Replacement Key to Avoiding Costly Repairs Discusses the importance of avoiding costly repairs in fitness centers by keeping up on preventive maintenance and part replacement. One university's answer to weight training equipment... 06/30/2000
Providing Safe Facilities: Conducting a Facility Risk Review. Outlines steps of an athletic facility safety audit and offers a sample format of a safety inspection checklist and action report. Includes 12 references. 12/31/2008
Real-time Measurement of Dust Levels in a Carpeted and Non-carpeted School Gym Room. Reports on research where particle data were collected in two school gyms for fifteen weeks in Kennebunk, Maine. The floor coverings of the two gyms were vinyl composition tile (VCT) and vinyl... 12/31/2001
Refuse to Win. Advises on recycling programs for post-athletic event refuse. Typically, all trash is collected together and sorted afterward, as spectator use of marked recycling bins is negligible, or at best,... 04/30/2007
Romper Rooms. Discusses repair issues that are unique to gyms and arenas, where wear and tear can be excessive over brief time periods. Addresses issues of bleacher understructure inspection, and maintenance... 06/30/2000
Safe and Sanitary. Explains how daily maintenance and design planning can reduce the potential safety hazards found in athletic facility locker rooms. Topics include designing locker rooms for visual openness and... 04/30/1994
Shower Strategies: Reducing Maintenance and Water Use. Discusses strategies for athletic facility showers, including maximizing shower room space, use of easy-to-clean surfaces, sophisticated temperature control valves, and low-flow showerheads. 01/31/2008
Slam-Dunk Finishes. Reviews slip resistance, durability, and transparency considerations for maple athletic floor coatings. The article also provides step-by-step and product guidance for sealing and finishing maple... 06/30/2008
Solid Footing. Discusses maintenance of sport surfaces to prevent injuries and their accompanying litigation. A variety of situations that can degrade playing surfaces are addressed, as are regular inspections and... 06/30/2010