Athletic Facilities Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
Sports Facility Management. This book focuses on managing sports facilities and includes examples in physical education, athletics, recreation, health/fitness, and aquatics. It discusses planning for personnel, finances,... 12/31/1996
Standard Design for Wyoming Schools: Track and Field, Football and Soccer Facilities. Provides a standard guideline narrative, specifications, and design plans for these athletic facilities in Wyoming schools. General design guidance is provided for tracks, site drainage, and fencing... 04/30/2006
Staying Afloat. Examines the difficulties and solutions to wet environment repairs in pools and locker rooms. Issues include crack and leak repairs, repairs to grout and tile, on-deck accessories, and underwater... 06/30/2000
Study Halls. Describes the use of student employees in college athletic centers. The student employees learn valuable skills and help stretch the athletic facility's budget for staffing. 03/31/2011
Swimming Pools. Managing School Facilities Guide 2. This guide for schools with swimming pools offers advice concerning appropriate training for pool managers, the importance of water quality and testing, necessary procedures for safely handling... 12/31/1992
Tennis Courts 101. Advises on surface selection, maintenance, and financing for higher education tennis courts. Overlay systems to refurbish old courts, leasing of these systems, the connection between cost and... 04/30/2008
Tennis Courts: A Construction and Maintenance Manual. This addresses court design and planning; the construction process; court surface selection; accessories and amenities; indoor tennis court design and renovation; care and maintenance tips; and court... 12/31/1998
The Finish Line. Details what is expected in a good floor finish for athletic facilities, and explores the different categories of finishes and their content within the context of environmental regulation and... 10/31/1998
The Long Haul. Explains varieties of materials and installment methods for outdoor tracks, how they should be maintained, and how they typically wear. 03/31/2004
The New Tennis Construction Boom. Reviews the growing participation in school tennis team, and accompanying growth in court construction. Surfaces, costs, and maintenance issues of new and rebuilt courts are addressed. 04/30/2008
The Next Precedent. Advises on liability for injuries related to athletic equipment and game accidents. Cases are cited and techniques which athletic facility managers use to lower risk are described. 08/31/2008
The Pool Maintenance Manual. All aspects of pools are covered in detail, from design and construction to lighting, winterizing, fiberglassing, tiling, and troubleshooting and repair. Major topics include basic and advanced... 12/31/1995
The Sweet Smell of Success. Examines how careful attention to the design and maintenance of locker rooms can not only contain odors, but greatly enhance a facility's image. Locker systems, flooring options, ventilation,... 10/31/2001
Thorough Control. Discusses touchless cleaning and better athletic facility design in order to mitigate the spreading of germs. 08/31/2005
Using a Physical Education Environmental Survey to Identify Areas of Concern and Improve Conditions. School environmental conditions can impact learning in physical educational classes. It is important for schools to control environmental health hazards, not only to promote a conducive school... 08/31/2007
Ways To Keep Grandstands Safe. Provides guidelines for actions that maintenance staff can take to maximize the safety of sporting grandstands, such as using maintenance and inspection checklists that include comments sections and... 02/28/1999
Working It Out: Student Recreation Complex at Arizona State University. Describes how Arizona State University solved its cardio exercise equipment problem by leasing all its machines from a single vendor, thus ending diverse maintenance and replacement issues, and... 10/31/2009