Athletic Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
Beckerman Athletic Center Hamden Hall Country Day School Comprehensive facility that provides updated fitness and recreational spaces for the entire Hamden Hall Country Day School student population, 50 varsity and subvarsity athletic programs, families,... 05/31/2012
Behind the Scenes. Discusses desirable features of locker rooms, team rooms, and training rooms to attract and retain coaches and student athletes. 06/30/2007
Beneath the Surface. Discusses wood flooring components for athletic facilities, what materials make up these floors, and how they affect a floor's performance once installed. The pros and cons of anchored versus... 08/31/1998
Bently Upper School Gymnasium. Describes this private school gymnasium which features a floating cantilevered metal roof shell above a continuous clerestory window. Architect information included. 02/29/2004
Beyond the Field House. Changes in laws, curricula, and community needs mean rethinking the traditional in physical education facilities. Title IX of the Educational Act of 1972 requires schools that receive federal funds... 08/31/1996
Bleacher Comforts. Examines the planning issues when replacing telescoping bleacher units and for analyzing seating options. It addresses the importance of complying with local building codes, and the considerations on... 11/30/1998
Bleacher Safety. Encourages aggressive inspection of older bleachers, and describes safety upgrades that can bring them up to the standard to which new bleachers are typically constructed. 03/31/2006
Bowl Games. Reviews seating configurations in sports arenas, including ADA requirements, schemes for distribution of seats on tiers, spectator comfort, renovation, flexibility for various events, luxury suites,... 09/30/2007
Bright Ideas. Describes trends in indoor sports lighting, including new technology that is coupling familiar looks with new energy and cost efficiencies. Offers examples of their use at various schools. 04/30/2003
Building Blueprints: Athletics Complex. Describes the well-appointed athletic complex at South Carolina's Paul M. Dorman High School, created with funding assistance from the booster club and season ticket revenue. 09/30/2005
Building Blueprints: Fieldhouse Design and Function. Advises on design of school fieldhouses, including details on sizing of the facility and selection of the correct surfaces. 07/31/2008
Building Blueprints: Locker Rooms. Advises on locker room design that accommodates more students, a variety of sports, administrative areas, and learning spaces. 01/31/2010
Building Blueprints: Outdoor Athletic Facilities. Reviews master planning, drainage, turf, soils, irrigation, support buildings, and seating for outdoor athletic facilities. 07/31/2007
Building Blueprints: Special Events Centers. Describes the Garland (Texas) Independent School District's Special Events center. The 190,000-square-foot facility is designed to host convocations, graduations, sporting events, conferences,... 05/31/2006
Building Blueprints: Sports and Athletics. Discusses flooring for athletic facilities, noting issues of maintainability, performance, aesthetics, installation, and recyclability of various options. 06/30/2010
Building Blueprints: Sports and Fitness Facilities. Discusses the evolution of high school physical education curricula into programs that more closely resemble the offerings of local health clubs. Group exercise, weightlifting, and fitness equipment... 03/31/2009
Building Bridges. Discusses how partnerships between municipalities and school recreation departments are providing better facilities and programs for the entire community. Some successful collaborations are examined. 09/30/2001
Building Teamwork. Explains the use of proper collaboration when planning and designing an athletic facility. Consultation with the coach and athletic staff is stressed along with an explanation of administrating the... 07/31/1999
Buyer's Guide for Tennis Court Construction. This booklet examines seven planning and decision-making tips for investing in and building tennis courts that can prolong court life and get the most from the investment. It examines defining needs... 12/31/1994
Buyer's Guide for Track Construction. This booklet provides information on needs assessment, buying options, and decision making tips when acquiring a new school athletic track. Budgeting, site selection, track surface selection and... 12/31/1995
Buying Time. Discusses features of sports arenas that can help spectators feel more connected to the event. These included center-hung scoreboards; full-range sound delivered to all seating areas, the concourses... 10/31/2008
Campus Recreational Sports Facilities: Planning, Design and Construction Guidelines. Covers the planning process from the perspective of the campus master planner and the recreational sport director; the feasibility study process, how to determine whether to build new or renovate... 12/31/2008
Cause a Stir. Discusses destratification of air in large athletic spaces with fans or fabric ducts. Common HVAC mistakes in these spaces are also addressed. 06/30/2011
Center Stage. The Latest in Scoreboards and Sports Lighting. Discusses wireless and LED technology taking the scoreboard industry by storm, and the latest trends in sports lighting. Includes key steps to selecting a scoreboard. 09/30/2011
Clean and Comfortable: Avoiding Errors in Locker Room and Restroom Design. Offers extensive advice on design and material selection to make locker rooms and restrooms easy to maintain. The needs and ages of users, the types of exercise offered at the facility, traffic flow... 04/30/2006