Athletic Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
Friday Night Fever. Profiles recent large and luxurious new high school stadiums, what they feature, how they were financed, and, in some cases, the amenities they offer for community use. Tips for planning and design... 02/28/2007
Friday Night Lights. Describes state-of-the-art high school stadiums that emulate college and professional venues. Typical features include accessibility, updated and gender-adequate toilet facilities, sophisticated... 07/31/2005
From Classroom to Courtside: Extending the Benefits of Carpet in Schools. Discusses the use of carpeting in athletic facilities, why it is a good idea, how it would look, and cleaning and maintenance issues. 09/30/2000
From the Ground Up: What You Need to Know to Get Climbing Right. Advises on the construction of climbing walls, with an emphasis on selecting the right type of wall for the facility's space and typical user. Types of walls and their component materials are... 03/31/2010
Gender Issues and Equity in Athletic Management Although discrimination is no longer routinely accepted in education, incidents of gender-based discrimination and harassment are being reported in record numbers. Schools must ensure equality of... 09/09/1999
General Assembly: Garland Special Events Center. Profiles this award-winning school and community arena, selected for its dramatic design and detailing. Photographs and project statistics are included. 04/30/2007
Getting Physical. Discusses how high schools are responding to the decline in student physical fitness with new facilities that attract students to fitness. Use of alternative sports, e.g., hiking, climbing, and in-... 11/30/1998
Goal Oriented. Describes improvements to basketball goal backboards and rims that have enhanced player safety, the work of referees, and visibility for the spectators. 03/31/2005
Good As New. Reviews athletic facility upgrades in the Buffalo Public Schools, focusing on the historic renovation of the formerly decrepit 1920's-era All-High Stadium. 12/31/2007
Good Sports. Presents an interview with former National Football League (NFL) linebacker Scott Radecic, who works as an architect designing athletic facilities for the education market. 10/31/2002
Good Sports. Discusses long-term care of sports floors and how it affects materials selection and use. 06/30/2005
Grain Power. Provides advice on selection and installation of wood athletic flooring, including subflooring selection and construction, wood selection, permanent versus portable floors, and floor testing. 12/31/2005
Grand-Slam Scoreboards. Describes current scoreboard technology, focusing on LED illumination that provides a clear image with lower electrical costs and longer bulb life. Advantages, disadvantages, and challenges to... 02/28/2007
Great Planes. Details advances over the past 25 years in the technology involved in athletic surfaces, including natural turf, synthetic turf, hardwood floors, tracks, tennis courts, and ice sheets. 06/30/2002
Great Walls. Explains why installing a well-designed indoor climbing wall can draw new users to an athletic facility. Climbing wall design elements and gear are discussed and a checklist for working with... 12/31/1995
Green Design and Sustainability in Sport and Recreation Facilities. Defines green facilities, and discusses their contribution towards resource conservation, energy and water efficiency, and indoor environment. Automated building systems, potential costs and savings... 03/31/2008
Green Up. Presents ideas to improve the eco-friendliness of athletic facilities, citing The Four R's of reduction, reuse, recycling, and rebuying. Under these categories come advice on construction and... 09/30/2006
Ground-Floor Lobbying. Discusses the persuasive process toward convincing a college or university to build a new recreation center on its campus. The factors influencing a school's decision for a recreation center are... 07/31/2000
Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goal Safety. This handbook presents guidelines for the installation, use, and storage of full-size or nearly full-size movable soccer goals to help prevent deaths and serious injuries from soccer goal tipover.... 12/31/1994
Gymnasium Makeovers. Discusses improving old gyms to enhance the experience of players and spectators while still respecting the gym's historical significance. Planning and design development phases are examined... 12/31/2000
Gymnasiums. Presents examples of the long-term benefits and greater value of using monolithic dome sports facilities. Experiences from one church, three high schools, and a university are used to illustrate... 12/31/1999
Handle with Care. Describes energy- and water-saving laundry equipment. Savings can be significant enough to pay for the equipment in as little as two years. Suggestions for maintaining maximum efficiency from new and... 12/31/2004
Hardin/Jefferson High School Field House. Describes this Texas athletic field house expansion, which was budget-conscious and sensitive to the surrounding residential/agricultural built environment. Building statistics, a listing of the... 08/31/2003
Healthy Children Ready to Learn: Facilities Best Practices. This looks at how educational design can contribute to healthier children through such design solutions as improved food service and physical education facilities, and site selection to encourage... 12/31/2005
Hearts on the Line. Reviews Texas' precedent-setting mandate to include automated external defibrillators (AED's) in school athletic facility equipment, as well as the trend in other states toward mandating... 04/30/2007