Athletic Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
High School Stadium Design Tips. Presents a list of 73 succinctly stated design tips that address most aspects of stadium planning, design, lighting, and equipping. 06/30/2005
High Standards. Reviews controls for raising and lowering ceiling-suspended retractable equipment such as basketball goals and volleyball nets. Ways to save money at installation and staff time during operation are... 03/31/2007
High Times. Describes climbing wall design, construction and selection, with information on available configurations, materials, and modes of installation. 08/31/2005
High-Tech High School Fitness. Describes the Buffalo Grove, Illinois, schools system's sophisticated fitness facilities, which required significant fundraising from the community, and have been overwhelmingly popular. 03/31/2005
Hitting the Wall: New Compliance Concerns for Wall-Pad Safety in Gymnasia. Provides an extensive review of gymnasium wall padding considerations. Types of padding, their installation, impact ratings, fire safety, and specification advice for different types of facilities... 03/31/2006
Hot Topic. Reviews options for shading structures at athletic facilities, with particular attention to their health benefits and the many design and material options currently available. 03/31/2008
Houses of Cards. Explores how plastic identification cards are key to building security in athletic facilities. Card and identification system technology are addressed as are their benefits and complications. Final... 11/30/2000
Improving Your Game. Discusses ways a new athletic training facility can do more than just improve school sports programs. Explores the new facility's ability to increase functional and operational efficiencies,... 10/31/2001
Indoor Athletic Facilities: Sharing Resources To Maximize Investments. Examines the concept of shared-use facilities to help financially support and meet the demand for athletic facilities. Shared-use considerations are explored including cost sharing of ongoing... 04/30/2000
Internal Revenue. Describes revnue options for academic athletic facilities. These include student fees, memberships, program charges, private sector sponsorships and rentals. 09/30/2003
It Takes Two. Discusses planning points when negotiating joint ventures for designing public recreational facilities. The obstacle and impact of money in the negotiations is examined as are handling the definition... 07/31/2000
Joint Venture Facilities. Describes the designs of four joint-venture athletic facilities including an elaborate community-use facility located at Milford High School in Highland, Michigan. 05/31/2005
Joint-Venture Facilities. Describes three athletic facilities built as a joint venture between the community and a local school system or community college. Includes photographs. 05/31/2004
Keep the Noise Down! Examines noise abatement planning for large athletic facilities, gymnasiums, pool areas, and recreational areas. Acoustical controls for smaller, special purpose areas are also discussed. 11/30/1994
Know the Score: Scoreboard Options Run the Gamut. Explores a wide range of scoreboard options, from the most economical flip-style models that can cost as little as $30, to the most elaborate LED screens, whose significant costs may sometimes be... 06/30/2008
Landmark School — Alice Ansara Athletic Facility The Alice Ansara Athletic Facility in Prides Crossing, Massachusetts includes a gymnasium, a fitness center, a wrestling room, locker rooms, a sports medicine suite, an equipment room, an... 09/30/2011
Learning to Share. Describes two programs where schools and their communities successfully share athletic fields and a swimming facility. Cooperation of the parties has been continuous from construction through... 10/31/2003
LEDing the Way. Discusses how advances in light-emitting diode (LED) technology is helping video displays at sporting events get fans closer to the action than ever before. The types of LED displays available are... 08/31/2000
Light Reading. Describes newer energy-efficient sports field lighting that has minimal spill, is challenging industry illumination standards, and whose quality of light over the life of the lamp under debate. 04/30/2006
Light Touches. Reviews examples of stadiums where the light fixtures are an integral part of the stadium's aesthetics. Citi Field, Rio Tinto Stadium, and Target Field are described. 03/31/2010
Lighting Guidelines. Presents this organization's recommendations for softball field lighting, including electrical and pole specifications, lamp selection, perimeter lighting, and environmental considerations.... 12/31/2003
Loaded Decks Describes how to build competitive natatoriums with expansive decks and elevated seating that provides ample space for swimmers and spectators. 01/31/2012
Locker Rooms: The Durable Design. Offers advice on heavy-use locker room design that provides easier maintenance and vandal resistance. Design features and materials used for flooring, ceilings, and walls are addressed as are built-... 08/31/1997
Locker-Room Talk. Explains how proper athletic facility locker-room design can save time and money. Design factors that address who will be using the facility are discussed as are user requirements, such as... 08/31/1999
Long-Term Fitness. Discusses efforts towards improving the physical fitness of children generated by the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations. 09/30/2005