Athletic Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
Main Winners. Presents the two main winners of the American School & University 2006 Educational Interiors Showcase. The K-8 Eagle Creek Academy and University of Alabama Student Recreation Center excelled in... 07/31/2006
Major Considerations in Planning and Renovating Indoor Athletic Facilities. Explores various concerns when planning and renovating indoor athletic facilities, including zoning issues, facility access and function, and the need for flexibility and adaptability. 09/30/2000
Making It Multipurpose. Discusses how schools are meeting the athletic and recreational needs of students with multipurpose field houses. It discusses the importance of properly communicating the building's function to... 03/31/1997
Making Organization a Team Sport: Winning Approaches for Auxiliary Athletic Spaces. Provides detailed guidance on the design of auxiliary athletic spaces, including equipment room, team and locker rooms, storage areas, laundry rooms, offices, and meeting space. Square footage... 09/30/2009
Making the Grade. Explains the importance of choosing wood flooring for athletic facilities and why the grade of wood specified can significantly impact sports-facility aesthetics. The three types of wood grades are... 10/31/2000
Making Tracks. Advises on the design and equipping of sports tracks, including storage of the many varieties of track equipment, traffic flow, track configurations, surface specifications, finish line accuracy,... 11/30/2007
Matrix Revolution. Discusses the latest digital scoreboard technology, which is increasingly preferred in high school installations. Features of these boards, their infrastructure requirements, and examples of some... 12/31/2007
Meet Lockers. Discusses current preferences in locker room design; attributes of metal, wood, and plastic lockers; and various lock configurations, including digital and card-operated access systems. 12/31/2007
Mental Gymnastics. Describes the addition of a library and gymnasium addition to the Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School in Los Angeles. Significant savings were realized by using a customized Butler building for the... 08/31/2003
Middle School Gyms. Examines the impact that Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 has had on middle school physical education and gymnasiums and the areas a facility assessment process needs to review to... 12/31/2000
National Association for Sport and Physical Education NASPE seeks to enhance knowledge and professional practice in sport and physical activity through scientific study and dissemination of research-based and experiential knowledge to members and the...
NFHS Court and Field Diagram Guide. Provides a comprehensive collection of diagrams and specifications of playing fields and courts used in interscholastic and recreational sports, along with information on how to set up various... 12/31/2007
NFHS Court and Field Diagram Guide. Collection of diagrams and specifications of playing fields and courts used in interscholastic and recreational sports, along with information on how to set up various formats of tournament drawings... 12/31/1997
Night Games. Discusses how to control sports facility outdoor lighting during night games. Different lighting techniques are explored for keeping lighting inside the stadium and not disturb the surrounding... 04/30/2001
Noise Control. Discusses control of noise and reverberation in noisy school spaces, such as gymnasiums. The balance of reflective and absorptive materials is discussed, as are HVAC systems and other sources of... 01/31/2009
Nothin' But New. Case study of the new basketball and volleyball facility at Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Virginia. 08/31/2011
Obstacle Course. Reviews typical accessibility obstacles found in athletic facilities, even in situations where legal requirements for accessibility are being met. Inaccessible lockers, showers, and changing areas... 08/31/2008
Off the Hook. Discusses space-maximizing storage options for athletic facilities, recommending compact shelving systems strategically placed to athletes' traffic patterns. Optional features for these systems... 07/31/2006
On Your Marks. Examines the application of field, rink, track, and court markings and explains why the use of proper materials and some knowledge of science is important. Specific issues when using marking paints... 04/30/2000
Open Door Policy. Offers several examples of how high school athletic facilities are being shared with the community, also describing tactics for meeting the increased operating costs that accompany extended use. 03/31/2006
Opening Doors to Equity. Discusses the need to reexamine school locker rooms built before the women's sports boom to determine if they need to comply with Title IX standards. Some tangible evidence of Title IX problems... 11/30/2000
OurSpace. Discusses school/community partnerships for building, maintaining, and sharing athletic facilities. Examples of successful partnerships are included, and conditions of shared-use agreements are... 05/31/2008
Out of the Box. Describes new approaches to gym design that demonstrate the gradual increase in sensitivity among designers to the ways in which gyms can be better used and provide a more enjoyable experience. 03/31/2003
Outdoor Bleachers. Provides North Carolina Department of Public Instruction recommendations for outdoor bleacher design, construction, and maintenance. Applicable codes are cited. 02/28/2010
Outdoor Physical Education Facilities. Examines typical high school physical educational facility courts found in the Clark County School District (Las Vegas), an area noted for building or reconstructing over 950 courts over the past... 11/30/2000