Athletic Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
Physical Education Facilities. Advocates a different approach to integration of spaces for physical activity into the school facility, promoting visibility for fitness spaces and their users, as well as a closer connection to... 01/31/2006
Physical Education Facilities/Recreation Centers. Profiles three higher education and one high school athletic facility selected for the 2009 American School and University Magazine Education Interiors Showcase. The projects were chosen for their... 07/31/2009
Physical Education Facilities/Recreation Centers. Presents K-12 and college physical education/recreation facilities considered outstanding in a competition which judged the most outstanding learning environments at educational institutions... 07/31/2003
Physical Education Facilities/Recreation Centers. Presents two high school and to higher education athletic facilities selected for the American School & University 2004 Educational Interiors Showcase. The awards were based on the jury's... 07/31/2004
Physical-Education Facilities/Recreation Centers. Profiles four high school and university fitness centers honored in American School and University Magazine's Educational Interiors Showcase. The projects were selected for their high... 07/31/2007
Physical-Education Facilities/Recreation Centers. Presents seven athletic facilities selected for the American School & University 2005 Educational Interiors Showcase. The projects were selected for their functionality, sustainability,... 07/31/2005
Physical-Education Facilities/Recreation Centers. Profiles ten K-12 and higher education physical education and recreation centers that were recognized in the American School and University Magazine's Educational Interiors Showcase. The... 07/31/2008
Physical-Education Facilities/Recreation Centers. Describes the design of notable school physical education/recreation facilities, including the educational context and design goals. Includes information on architects, suppliers, and cost, as well... 07/31/2002
Physical-Education Facilities/Recreations Centers. Presents seven higher education and one high school athletic facilities, along with a private school boathouse selected for the American School & University 2006 Educational Interiors Showcase.... 07/31/2006
Picking up the Pieces. Discusses preparation for and recovery from natural disasters, citing examples of several athletic facilities that were damaged or destroyed, and how they were rebuilt. Proper preparation includes... 03/31/2009
Pipe Dreams. Outlines athletic facility design considerations that affect plumbing design. The arrangement of all areas that use water and generate waste water should be considered together for maximum efficiency... 10/31/2003
Planning Playgrounds and Athletics Facilities. Provides examples of typical problems encountered when school playgrounds and athletic fields are planned after the buildings, rather than as part of the educational specifications process. This... 12/31/2004
Play it Again. Explores questions of renovation or new construction when evaluating older gymnasiums in schools. Discusses the drawbacks of older structures and the relevant issues of building a new gym, such as... 06/30/1996
Prep Power Houses. Describes extensive weight lifting facilities being built in high schools. Originally conceived to offer the football teams a competitive edge, the expanded facilities are typically large enough to... 12/31/2004
Prepped for Success. Discusses reasons why private high schools are significantly expanding their athletic spaces and the singular challenges these schools face in meeting the needs of increasing numbers of students.... 11/30/1998
Promoting Underground Activities. Describes the National Cathedral School's Athletic Facility, which was built underground to provide space for playing fields, preserve views, and protect a grove of 100-year-old trees. 10/31/2004
Providing Safe Facilities: Conducting a Facility Risk Review. Outlines steps of an athletic facility safety audit and offers a sample format of a safety inspection checklist and action report. Includes 12 references. 12/31/2008
Public Assembly Facilities. Presents planning and facilities management information on arenas, stadiums, theaters, convention centers, and exhibition halls. 12/31/1991
Re-creating Recreation. Discusses the importance of the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board guidelines for recreational and sports areas and their ancillary spaces. Examples of how the guidelines... 10/31/1999
Ready, Willing and Able. Reviews options for accommodating the disabled in fitness centers, both those designed exclusively for the disabled, and those for accommodating fully-abled and physically challenged exercisers... 04/30/2007
Rec Center Has Students Climbing Up a (Rock) Wall. Describes the Wade King Student Recreation Center at Western Washington University, whose sustainable design accommodates a wide range of fitness opportunities, including a sophisticated climbing... 04/30/2005
Recreation, Health and Learning at Sac State WELL Center. Profiles this new recreation center that integrates health services, outdoor adventure clubs, and exercise. The LEED Gold-rated facility features a transparent exterior that reveals the activities... 08/31/2010
Recycling Buildings: Aging, Multipurpose Gyms have Future as Repurposed Classrooms. Discusses the conversion of outdated and undersized school gymnasiums into other uses. Typical re-uses are described, as are issues concerning the extent of renovation required and examples from... 08/31/2010
Renovating Outdoor Athletic Facilities Successfully renovating outdoor athletic facilities requires a high level of preparation. Before you start a project, it is important to take the time and answer a few basic questions. 05/31/2012
Restroom and Locker Room Design. Describes some finer points of restroom and locker room design, citing design and equipment that enhances user safety, privacy, acoustics, water savings, moisture control, maintainability, and... 06/30/2006