Athletic Fields

Title Abstract Publication Date
Light Duty. Discusses multipurpose athletic field lighting specifications to enhance lighting quality and reduce costs. Topics discussed include lamp choice, lighting spill over and glare prevention, luminary... 04/30/1996
Light Reading. Describes newer energy-efficient sports field lighting that has minimal spill, is challenging industry illumination standards, and whose quality of light over the life of the lamp under debate. 04/30/2006
Lighting Guidelines. Presents this organization's recommendations for softball field lighting, including electrical and pole specifications, lamp selection, perimeter lighting, and environmental considerations.... 12/31/2003
Locker Rooms. Addresses locker room planning, advising on flooring, lockers, layout, lavatories, and ceilings. 01/31/2011
Maintenance Sourcebook: Landscaping and Grounds. Asserts that facility managers need continual education in many subjects to keep their campuses in excellent condition, highlighting four areas related to landscaping and maintenance: landscaping... 07/31/2003
Making the Grade Widespread adherence to exacting design standards has propelled a rise in quality of U.S.-built tracks. Describes the design and construction of running tracks. 01/31/2012
Making Tracks. Advises on the design and equipping of sports tracks, including storage of the many varieties of track equipment, traffic flow, track configurations, surface specifications, finish line accuracy,... 11/30/2007
Managing Athletic Fields on a Tight Budget. Ten tips to help create the safest field possible under the constraints of minimal maintenance funds. Today's small-budgeted athletic-field manager must be dedicated, organized, educated and... 08/31/2000
Managing Healthy Sports Fields. Using suggestions that can be adapted to specific field types, climatic zones and desired appearance, this text aims to liberate the modern turf manager from dependency on chemical treatments. The... 12/31/2003
Maximize Your Water Use, Minimize Your Chemical Applications. Outlines components and scheduling for a turf irrigation system and program, emphasizing precision irrigation to safe water and reduce chemical use. 03/31/2006
Natural and Artificial Playing Fields: Characteristics and Safety Features. Papers are presented on the subjects of playing field standards, surface traction, testing and correlation to actual field experience, and state-of-the-art natural and artificial surfaces. The papers... 12/31/1989
NFHS Court and Field Diagram Guide. Collection of diagrams and specifications of playing fields and courts used in interscholastic and recreational sports, along with information on how to set up various formats of tournament drawings... 12/31/1997
NFHS Court and Field Diagram Guide. Provides a comprehensive collection of diagrams and specifications of playing fields and courts used in interscholastic and recreational sports, along with information on how to set up various... 12/31/2007
On Your Marks. Examines the application of field, rink, track, and court markings and explains why the use of proper materials and some knowledge of science is important. Specific issues when using marking paints... 04/30/2000
Outsider Trading. Offers tips for making decision whether to maintain athletic fields with in-house staff and equipment or hiring outside professionals. Primary considerations include time, expertise, and equipment. 04/30/2011
Pesticides and Playing Fields. Desribes typical chemical treatments of athletic fields, physical disorders that might be linked to or exacerbated by residues from these compounds, options for organic field management, and advice... 12/31/2005
Physical Education Facilities/Recreation Centers. Profiles three physical education facilities that were recognized in the 2010 American School and University Magazine Education Interiors Showcase. Photographs and project statistics accompany a... 07/31/2010
Planning & Design - Basketball and Football Practice Facility Design Discusses trends for design and amenities of athletic training facilities, the expansion of which typically finds its origin in professional venues, with gradual adoption at the collegiate level as... 12/31/2006
Playing the Infield. Sports fields are some of the most challenging areas in turfgrass management. New baseball and softball infields require different care and management than fields that have been established for a... 01/31/2002
Potential Exposure to Lead in Artificial Turf: Public Health Issues, Actions, and Recommendations. Discusses concerns over potentially high lead levels in artificial sports turf, as indicated by tests on fields in New Jersey. Information on the presence of lead in various types of fibers,... 06/17/2008
Roof Positive. Discusses the use of campus building and parking rooftops as athletic courts and fields, using successful and unsuccessful projects as examples. Challenges of playing surface drainage, roof leaks,... 03/31/2008
Running Tracks: A Construction and Maintenance Manual, 6th ed. Discusses running track budgeting, planning and design; project delivery methods; the construction process; surface selection; field events, equipment, and amenities; marking; indoor tracks; and care... 12/31/2006
Save Money on Site Design. Examples are provided on ways of saving money during school athletic site design, including plastic alternatives to concrete for site water drainage and cost efficient considerations when earth... 07/31/1999
Shock Value. Offers a detailed discussion of the multitude of variables involved in determining the shock absorbancy/forgiveness factor of both natural and synthetic athletic fields. 08/31/2002
Sideline Supplies. Describes a variety of sideline equipment and furnishings designed to improve players safety, health, and comfort. These include special benches, hydrating supplies, body temperature regulating... 12/31/2005