Athletic Fields

Title Abstract Publication Date
Smooth Operators. Examines specific steps in athletic field maintenance to assure a high-quality baseball playing field. Areas examined are the pitcher's mound, hitting areas, baselines and base areas, the... 12/31/1996
Solid Footing. Discusses maintenance of sport surfaces to prevent injuries and their accompanying litigation. A variety of situations that can degrade playing surfaces are addressed, as are regular inspections and... 06/30/2010
Solid Ground: Ensuring Turf Is Tough Enough. Reviews the advantages and care for artificial playing turf, care of natural grass baseball fields and the dirt portions of the infield, protection of fields from weather, and typical equipment needs... 01/31/2008
Sowing Seeds. Describes various higher education sports turf management training programs, the popular Ohio State University sports turf website (, the types of jobs and... 06/30/2005
Sports Field Management Guide, Volume 2. Traction on Turf. This guide presents three articles on athletic-field turf management. The articles explain how athletic-field managers can make a difference in playing surface quality, discusses the design and... 08/31/2000
Sports Field Management Guide. Volume 1. This journal presents three articles on athletic facility turf management practices. Articles are as follows: Turfgrass Choices for Athletic Fields, (Eric K. Nelson); Fertilization: Maximizing... 08/31/1999
Sports Fields: A Manual for Design Construction and Maintenance. Comprehensive technical reference information is provided for those responsible for the design, construction, renovation, or maintenance of sports grounds. Chapters illustrate specific design... 12/31/1998
Sports Fields: Design, Construction, and Maintenance. Provides technical information to those responsible for the design, construction, renovation, or maintenance of sports fields. Chapters address turfgrass, soil science, fertilization, mowing,... 12/31/2009
Sports Turf and Amenity Grassland Management. Provides detailed advice on the care and maintenance of sports turfs, covering grass types, mowing, irrigation, fertilizing, aeration, pest control, turf establishment, and renovation. 12/31/2004
Stadium and Field Management. Discusses the desirability and care of sand-based playing fields, including proper irrigation, fertilizing, mowing and clipping removal, overseeding, and aeration. A turf condition rating system to... 04/30/2007
Standard Design for Wyoming Schools: Track and Field, Football and Soccer Facilities. Provides a standard guideline narrative, specifications, and design plans for these athletic facilities in Wyoming schools. General design guidance is provided for tracks, site drainage, and fencing... 04/30/2006
Standing Tall. Discusses current synthetic fibers for athletic fields, emphasizing curved filaments that resist flattening and have longer life. Details of how they are made and specifications that a buyer should... 03/31/2011
Stress Management. Describes proper maintenance techniques for ensuring healthy athletic fields. These include correct watering, fertilizing, mowing, integrated pest management, overseeding, and field rotation. 12/31/2003
Surface Impact. Discusses the environmental impact of natural grass, synthetic turf, synthetic tracks, hardwood courts, and ice sheets. 06/30/2009
Sustainable Turf Management. An Organic Systems-Based Approach Discusses the change from synthetic chemicals for natural turf management to organic. Describes selecting the right grass, mowing, fertilizing, and organic turf management. 02/29/2012
Synthetic Turf Chemicals. Presents a chemical analysis of synthetic turf crumb rubber fill, revealing the parts per billion of 23 metals and volatiles found in how many samples, taken from five synthetic turf suppliers. 12/31/2006
Synthetic Turf Council The Synthetic Turf Council (STC) was formed to guide the selection and use of synthetic turf systems. The website includes guidelines with essential elements and minimums to consider for synthetic...
Taking Root? Shows how advances in field-surface technology have resulted in natural grasses and synthetic turf systems that deliver durability and extended use. 08/31/2000
The Field Master. Presents an interview with Amy J. Fouty, sports turf manager for Michigan State University. She answers questions concerning her job duties, grass selection, and turf safety issues. 09/30/2004
The Greenburgh, Valhalla and Eastchester School Districts and the Town of Eastchester Acquisition of Athletic Fields. Presents the audit results of an arrangement in which the three Districts and the Town, in an attempt to acquire athletic fields at no cost, allowed dirt haulers to dump construction and demolition... 08/31/2005
The Ground Up. Presents an overview of considerations for building a new athletic field, including site selection, soil testing, drainage, irrigation, grading, and turf implementation. 03/31/2006
The Pressure's On. Discusses efficient athletic turf irrigation, including system design, water pressurization, potential sources of system damage, correct mowing, and root growth promotion. 02/28/2007
The School Site Planner. Addresses many factors that need consideration during the process of school site selection, planning, development, and use. The guide examines not only the site selection and planning processes, but... 01/31/2010
The School Site Planner. Land for Learning. Site Selection, Site Planning, Playgrounds, Recreation, and Athletic Fields. The report examines not only the site selection and planning processes, but also playground planning, recreation and athletic fields planning, and the North Carolina agencies and statutes that are... 05/31/1998
Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture. This landscape architecture reference provides a range of design and construction data on: site layout, grading and drainage; pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular circulation; retaining walls and... 12/31/1997