Auditoriums and Performing Arts

Title Abstract Publication Date
Double Duty. Case study of a high school auditorium-cum-performing-arts center at Taconic Hills Central School, in Craryville, NY. Designed by Rhinebeck Architecture of Rhinebeck, NY, this flexible, state-of-the-... 06/30/2001
Dream to Reality, School for the Arts: How Cincinnati Made it to Reality. Profiles the Erich Kunzel Center for Arts and Education, citing the vision and fundraising that went into its creation, as well as details of the site, facility, constraints, and amenities. 12/31/2009
Eastside College Preparatory School, Performing Arts Center. [Palo Alto, California] Describes this facility that brings performing arts into a school that serves low-income students living within a very affluent area. Building statistics, a listing of the design and construction... 11/30/2005
Facilitating Creativity. Profiles Los Angeles' High School for the Visual and Performing Arts, with particular attention to its signature tower, which is part of the school's theatre. 08/31/2008
Facility Focus: Auditoriums Describes four higher education auditorium projects: the University of Arizona's new Stevie Eller Dance Theater, whose innovative design was inspired by the written system of dance notation; the... 07/31/2005
Facility Focus: Auditoriums/Performing Arts. Profiles Colorado College's Cornerstone Arts Center, featuring flexible theatre venues, networked gallery spaces, and modifiable acoustics in the main theatre. 07/31/2009
Facility Focus: Performing Arts Centers. Describes the design of the Arts Center of Iowa Western Community College and the renovation of the Athena Theater at Ohio University. Includes photographs. 09/30/2002
Facility Focus: Student Activity Areas. Discusses the design of student activity facilities that are showpieces containing both business and entertainment elements. Four examples are highlighted including a performing arts center, a... 02/28/2001
Facility Focus: Theater/Music Facilities. Profiles three higher education performing arts facilities: Paradise Valley Community College's Center for the Performing Arts, Seattle University's Lee Center for the Arts, and Wilmington... 09/30/2006
Fine Arts/Business & Industry Center, Caroll Community College. Describes this Maryland combination fine arts and business instruction building that features a 400-seat auditorium, art gallery, and music instruction and practice rooms. Building statistics, a... 04/30/2004
Forest Hills Fine Arts Center. Describes this public school system's fine arts center. An advanced HVAC system quietly and efficiently diffuses air through vents under the auditorium seats and the common areas feature in-... 10/31/2004
Furnishing an Auditorium. Discusses the options in furnishings for school auditoriums and provides tips for decision-making. 01/31/2003
Green and Black. Discusses the turntable divisble auditorium (TDA), in which sections of the facility are placed on turntables and rotated independently to create separate learning centers, theaters, or lecture halls... 07/31/2010
Harmonic Partnerships. Discusses the advantages of partnering with the community to obtain professional-quality performing arts spaces at schools, with lists of features that might be found in basic, upgraded, and high-end... 07/31/2005
High-Tech High. Case study of the J. Alton Keith Theatre at McEachern High School in Powder Springs, GA, a state-of-the-art theatre used for both home-produced shows and national orchestral and band competitions.... 06/30/2001
International Association of Assembly Managers IAAM is comprised of leaders who manage or provide products and services to public assembly facilities such as arenas, amphitheaters, auditoriums, convention centers/exhibit halls, stadiums and...
Is This Thing On?: Sound Systems for Your Business, School, and Auditorium Guide to designing, purchasing, installing, maintaining, and operating a public sound system. Covers selecting components, and installing, adjusting and maintaining a system for small meeting rooms,... 12/31/1995
Klein Campus Center at the Dwight Englewood School, Englewood, New Jersey. Profiles this private school campus center featuring a 220-seat multi-purpose space that shares rehearsal and workshop spaces with a pre-existing auditorium. Building statistics, a list of project... 06/30/2007
Lake Zurich High School Performing Arts Center. [Lake Zurich, Illinois] Describes this prominent addition, featuring an eye-catching interplay of curved and straight walls, with a lobby that doubles as a student entry and gathering place during the day. Building... 11/30/2005
LAUSD's High School for the Visual and Performing Arts Prepares to Open Its doors Profiles this much-anticipated magnet school that will draw from the entire district, but will be primarily populated with students from the surrounding underserved urban neighborhood. Extensive... 07/31/2009
LeBaron Hall Auditorium, Iowa State University. Profiles this new instructional auditorium that accommodates both lectures and group activities. The customized seat design that makes this possible is described. The chapter also describes how the... 12/31/2005
Living Theater. Profiles Emerson College's Paramount Center, a renovated 1932 movie house that the college converted into a three theatres, a shop, performing arts teaching and office spaces, and dormitory... 07/31/2011
Logan Performing Arts Center. Profiles the addition of a performing arts center and classroom addition to the James Logan High School in Union City, California. The modern design an sustainability features are highlighted. 09/30/2008
Making the Grade. Describes acoustical treatments that enhance musical performances in auditoriums, and in spaces not primarily designed for music, such as gymnasiums and cafeteroriums. 09/30/2005
Much Ado about Building Costly Arts Centers. Discusses the construction of showcase, multi-million dollar performing arts centers at colleges, when budgets are being cut in almost every other category. Complaints of the negative impact of these... 03/17/2011