Auditoriums and Performing Arts

Title Abstract Publication Date
Musical Accompaniment. Discusses issues of absorption and reflection in acoustics and describes a variety of materials and installations available in rooms where acoustical considerations are paramount. 07/31/2004
Narrowing Your Seating Options. Offers guidance on selecting appropriate seating furniture for outdoor facilities, arenas, auditoriums, and lecture rooms. Considerations such as beam mounting systems to facilitate laptop computers... 06/30/1998
Nathan Hale High School Performing Arts Center. Discusses the potential environmental impacts from construction of a new performing arts center at Seattle's Nathan Hale High School. The project architects reviewed the program and developed... 01/31/2003
New Choices for Performing Arts. Describes the concert hall, theater, and two studios in the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, illustrating a range of features which might be... 05/31/2005
New School of Management, Delaware State University, Dover, Delaware. Presents features of Delaware State University's New School of Management designed to stimulate positive gains in teaching and learning. The design incorporates state of the art distance... 12/31/2000
North Charleston School District Creates Its First Shared Campus Describes how the Charleston County School District participated in the transformation of an older neighborhood into a successful, sustainable community. CCSD engaged both the community and local... 12/27/2011
Nothing Extra about Music and Arts. Discusses the positive influences of the arts on students' verbal, mathematical, cognitive, and social skills, and warns against cutting arts program in economic hard times. 02/28/2009
Open and Shut. Describes the unusual exterior on the South Mountain Community College performing arts center, consisting of horizontal metal fins that appear to be randomly placed, but are actually built of four... 09/30/2004
Other School Projects. Describes the award-winning designs of seven projects that are not typical school buildings. These include a performing arts center, an administrative center, an alternative education center, and a... 12/31/2004
Other School Projects. Describes the award-winning designs of five projects that are not typical school buildings. These include a performing arts center, an administrative center, a continuing education center, and early... 12/31/2003
Performance Architecture. Describes the new performing arts center at Illinois State University. A significant portion of its small budget was allocated to acoustics and sound isolation of the performance halls. 02/29/2004
Performance Ceiling Panels for Performing Spaces. Examines fiberglass, mineral fiber, and gypsum ceiling panel materials in performance venue acoustical design, and describes how each responds to sound. Also addressed are amplified music/spoken word... 06/30/2009
Performing Arts and Aquatic Centers. Describes energy conservation strategies such as underfloor air distribution, demand control ventilation, energy recovery units, an energy management system, and direct digital controls for a high... 04/30/2005
Performing Arts Centers. Describes three higher education performing arts centers that combine music and theatre programs into facilities with innovative architecture. 02/29/2004
Perry and Mary Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. Profiles this comprehensive Brown University arts education facility. The asymetrical design fosters collaboration between disciplines, as well as enabling a transparent and well-daylight interior. 02/28/2011
Playing to a Larger Crowd. Examines the decision-making process for selecting auditorium seating during facility planning. Considerations include durability, outside community use, space flexibility, and comfort needs. 09/30/2001
Portland State University: A Ballroom to Accommodate a Variety of Sounds and Events. Profiles this institution's newly renovated ballroom, with its flexible acoustical and lighting features. 02/28/2007
Practical Health and Safety Guidelines for School Theater Operations. Assessing the Risks in Middle, Junior and Senior High School Theater Buildings and Programs. Encourages re-thinking and changes regarding health and safety practices in the performing arts at all educational levels. Units of the text address the administrator and the performing arts program... 12/31/2008
Pragmatic Performance Venues. Profiles two new high school auditoriums in the Spartanburg (South Carolina) School District. Concessions to practicality made the creation of two auditoriums possible at the two new medium-sized... 03/31/2007
Protection for Students in the Performing Arts. Presents the author's views on dangerous conditions in the majority of educational performing arts facilities due to deferred maintenance, code violations, and hazardous outdated equipment.... 12/31/2003
Public Assembly Facilities. Presents planning and facilities management information on arenas, stadiums, theaters, convention centers, and exhibition halls. 12/31/1991
Quilted Beauty. Describes the unusual exterior of a high school theatre, consisting of bricks stacked horizontally and vertically in complex patterns, yielding a design that turned an ordinary, windowless, box-... 07/31/2005
Real-World Schools. Describes the design of two magnet schools in Connecticut: the Metropolitan Learning Center in Bloomfield, and the Performing Arts Magnet School in Waterbury. The former emphasizes global and... 10/31/2002
Reduced Outdoor Air for Auditorium: Standard 62 IAQ Procedure. Describes how a new Ohio school auditorium achieved good air quality and reduced outside air usage through heat recovery and a combination of bipolar cleaning with high- efficiency particulate phase... 04/30/2006
Rigging Safety. Discusses the role of rigging in theatrical productions and advises on regular inspection of rigging and proper training for those who operate it. 06/30/2008